Current Events 01-27-2023

They Want to Keep Us Slaves Here’s Why the Big Club and People Managing Ron DeSantis Hate Donald Trump

You Will Eat Ze Bugs Your Living Standards Have Declined Dramatically

City of Molech ‘Pagan idol to abortion’: Critics lambast NYC’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg statue as ‘satanic’

How Are Young Men Supposed to Marry Such People? Why American Women Are Undatable; No One Wants to Play with a Porcupine

This will only serve to make the birth rate decline even worse.

Teddy Roosevelt Saw it Coming Too A Marine Predicted All of World War II in the Pacific 20 Years Before Pearl Harbor

The Coverup Has Begun Daily Mail and MSN Remove Coverage of Project Veritas Pfizer Bombshell

The COVID virus is mutating so quickly that Pfizer cannot keep up. So their solution, to save their gravy train, is to do the same gain-of-function research (mutating viruses in a lab) that caused the COVID pandemic in the first place. In an attempt to stay ahead of nature. Because that never ever goes wrong.


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