Current Events 03-14-2023

Refuse the Language Imposed by Leftist Oligarchs Taking Back Our Country, One Word at a Time

Sodomites / perverts, not “gay”.
Genital mutilation, not transitioning.
Murder / infanticide, not abortion, or choice.
Maoist / Communist, not Democrat.
Terrorist thugs, not peaceful protestors.
Mentally ill, not transgender.
Sex, not gender (the word ‘gender’ was created by pedophile John Money).
Marxism, not equity.
Anti-white racism, not diversity.

Controlling speech is about controlling THOUGHT. It’s why Marxist regimes always do it.

They Are Not Liberal They Are Intolerant, Divisive, And Anti-Liberty — Call Them Leftists, Not Liberals

Public Education is Child Abuse. Change My Mind. Are You Guilty of Child Abuse?

All Efforts to Redefine Reality Must Be Eradicated Transgenderism Must Be Eradicated; They may indeed be coming for your kids. But in the end, they are coming for reality.

The Oligarchy is Displeased The Ruling Class War on Trump; The weaponization and corruption of the New York DA’s office.

Ready for It? Here Goes: JAIL OR KILL ALL THE CRIMINALS Bukele Blueprint: How to Dramatically Reduce Your Nations Murder Rate With This One Simple Trick

African-Americans Are Murdering Each Other at a Rate 30x Higher Than Southern Democrats Did at the Peak of Lynchings 4.5%, and the Demographics of American Murder


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