Current Events 03-15-2023

Hunkered Down, Hoping They Don’t Get Sent to the Gulag First Where Is the American Church in All This?

Never Go Full Retard David French Says To Stop Calling the Chemical Castration of Children ‘Abusive’

This Is The Strategy of Maoists The Civil War I Grew Up With. Now, the monuments to only one side remain.

We Have to Take Our Stand in the Arena of Ideas Time to Stop Spitting On Your Shoes; In the ongoing battle for the heart and soul of America, it is important to know the limitations of a strategy.

In other news, I am cutting Dilbert from The Daily Comic. Not because I have a problem with anything Scott Adams has said about the deeply troubling violence we are seeing in the black community – I have none, and he was right. I refuse to pay the man $70 a year so I can see his Dilbert Reborn strip. Until I can devise a way to get those without having to subscribe to his Patreon, then I won’t be posting them.


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