Current Events 03-20-2023

Show Me The Man, And I’ll Show You the Crime Arresting Trump; Trump’s real crime is that he challenged and undermined the established political order.

Bring It. It’s Time For War. Donald Trump, American Dissident; You cannot expect your base to show up for you on Election Day if they believe you are willing to acquiesce to a rigged system.

He Fights. President Trump, Man in the Arena

And Once He Wins, We Arrest Everybody Indicting Trump Could Get Him Reelected; If an NYC prosecutor cuffs and perp-walks the former president on TV, the latter will win in 2024.

President of Florida – I Like the Sound of That Donald Trump, First President of Florida; Project Deep State needs to remember that it’s not going to be as easy to destroy Trump or to enslave America as it seems to think.


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