Current Events 04-03-2023

Never Go Full Retard To Everyone Celebrating Trump’s Indictment; Politicized prosecutions never stop with one person or one party.

The political prosecution of a former President, who has committed no crimes, who was deposed by fraud, and who is set to win in a landslide in 2024, is pure election interference. What they are doing is illegal, real banana republic, 3rd world kind of behavior. If this stands, the Republic is lost. 

It goes without saying that every former President is now open to prosecution. For ACTUAL crimes.

They Want Absolute Control Over Our Money Will Economic Freedom End this July?

The Sexual Revolution Was a Lie It All Began With the Pill

Everything that followed from it is pure death.

We Didn’t End Slavery – We Outsourced It The Persistent Horror of Congo’s Exploitation

It’s the Geography, Stupid The Cultural And Political Forces Driving Violence In The Black Community

Meatball Ron Is an Empty Suit and a Hairdo REMINDER: The Foundation of DeSantis 2024 Is Built on a Ridiculous Lie


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