Current Events 03-29-2023

They Plainly Intend to Kill Us They (/Them) Did It; This tragedy involved people, not pronouns.

They Want Us Disarmed To Make Genocide More Convenient Here’s How to Respond to Radical Trans Networks; There is no limiting principle on the left. That is a feature for them. It isn’t a bug.

If Those Children Didn’t Want to Murdered, They Should Have Thought of That Before Being Christians Fixed It For You: Here’s What The Vilest Headlines From The Nashville School Shooting Should Have Said

The Alphabet People Don’t Want Co-Existence – They Want Dominance, And They Will Kill Us to Get It LGBTQ activists fighting tooth and nail to keep transgender shooters’ manifesto BURIED…

We Are The World’s Richest Banana Republic Overcoming America’s Political Paralysis

The Time For Overthrowing the Regime Has Come How Will We Know When We’re Winning?

The TikTok Bill Is the Patriot Act for the Internet RESTRICT Act is Not About TikTok: ‘It Gives the Government Authority Over All Forms of Communication Domestic or Abroad’; The bill doesn’t even name TikTok!


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