Current Events 05-02-2023

This Tragedy Wasn’t Caused By Guns – It Was Caused By Open Borders Texas Mass Murder Presents Inconvenient Truths

They Want This Here Ireland about to execute free speech as in “kill it off permanently”

This is what faggotry leads to. Religious persecution, speech codes, and inevitably, genocide.

Shoe’s On the Other Foot, Eh? White Man Calling Himself A ‘Lesbian Indian’ Forces Alphabet Activists To Turn On Their Own Talking Points

Trying to Save Themselves From the Guillotine I Guess Why Are So Many COVID Authoritarians Suddenly Shifting Their Narratives?

He Should Sue The Soros Tripwire

George Soros was a Nazi sympathizer. A Jew who served the enemy.

Our Country Is At War With Its Citizens We Have Met the Enemy

When that becomes a shooting war remains to be seen.


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