Current Events 05-03-2023

I Only Want a White or Asian Doctor (Although Asians Are Considered White, Right Harvard?) Physicians? Y’all better heal your ownselves

Take Over a State, Make it Ours, End All the Groomer Crap, And the Heathens Will Leave Federalism for Families

DeSantis, the Presidential Candidate, is Bought and Paid For Who paid for Ron DeSantis’ trip overseas? No one will say. Florida lawmakers are also poised to pass a bill that would shield DeSantis’ travel records associated with taxpayer paid travel from scrutiny.

That Is Because It Did – We’re Not Blind Recent Poll Reveals Most Americans Believe Cheating Impacted The 2020 And 2022 Elections

Short Answer: YES Strange hypnosis: is Biden inciting crazed MK-Ultra transgender radicals to kill MAGA Republicans?

We are looking at a genocide on par with the Armenian Christians and the Kulaks if we don’t stop this.

It Isn’t Transgenderism – It is TRANSHUMANISM The Battle to Technologize the Body

Speaking of Communists Observing 2023 Victims of Communism Day

American Stasi The FBI’s Snipe Hunts

We don’t need to defund the FBI. We need to END the FBI.

#METOO Is a War on Men – Always Has Been NYT tries to bury the story of #MeToo “mean girl” feminists hounding high school boy into suicide with lies…

There need to be consequences when a woman lies.

The Death of Grass Global Rice Shortage Looms, Set To Be The Biggest In Decades

Nothing touches off wars quicker than food shortages.


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