Current Events 06-05-2023

Are They? Or Has the Line Been Drug So Far Left It SEEMS Like They Are Moving Right? Millennials Are Starting to Shift to the Right

27 Billion in Losses and Counting (12 Billion For Target) Threat of ESG-Based Corporate Insanity Begins to Recede When Faced With Reality; Being identified as ESG-compliant may eventually be synonymous with being woke. You can ask Anheuser-Busch how well the woke identification has worked out for them.

Affirm Our “Lifestyle” OR ELSE Alternative Sexualities: Cultural Comity or Cultural Coercion?

Making It Easier on the Rapists How SCOTUS’s Sullivan Ruling Denies Victims The Right To Defend Themselves From The Rich And Powerful

It Has Always Been Associated With Pagan Practices I Regret My Tattoos, They Are a Form of Self-Harm

We Are Seeking to Secure Both the Mother AND Her Baby Yes, Abortion Laws Protect The Life Of The Mother

The More I Learn About This Guy, The Less I Like Him Details Surface of How Ron DeSantis Is Using a Registered Foreign Agent to Assemble His Online Influence Campaign

Well, DUH High Prices Make Textbook ‘Piracy’ Acceptable to Most Students


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