Current Events 06-06-2023

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Tolerance for Sin is Not Loving I Don’t Want To Boycott ‘The Chosen,’ But The Cast And Crew Are Forcing Me To Walk Away

When a so-called Christian flies a pride flag, or expresses “tolerance”, or claims “love”, for deviant acts the Bible condemns, then I know immediately they are liars. They are the sort of people who will side with the Beast, stand by and allow real Christians and also Jews to be slaughtered. It’s no different, in my mind, than flying a Nazi flag.

“Tolerance” for sin is not loving. It’s wicked compromise that dooms those consumed by sinful habits. Any discussion of homosexual behavior that does not include repentance, with the goal of abandoning the sinful behavior and walking in freedom, is a lie. God never tolerates sin. He always destroys it utterly. Either by salvation by grace through faith, and the transformative work of the Holy Spirit. Or by casting the wicked into the Lake of Fire. Either way, sin cannot continue to exist where God is concerned.


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