Current Events 06-26-2023

So Much For Importing North African Muslims, Eh? The Left Can Have Islam or LGBTQA+. Not Both; The Democrat coalition is falling apart.

It’s a Pagan Theocracy Pride Is The Flag Of American Occupation

Which Men Do You Want? The Masculinity Vacuum

Genital Mutilation. Medical Malpractice. Transgender Lawsuits Reveal Horrors of Procedures

Anti-Natalism is the Death of Any Nation In country with world’s lowest fertility rate, doubts creep in about wisdom of ‘no-kids zones’

Free Assange Why Julian Assange Must Be Freed; Speaking in London, on behalf of the jailed Wikileaks founder

We Must Do This, Or Perish 2024: How to Out-Compute the Left

No Surgery For You, Whitey New Zealand has been using a “race-based” surgery waitlist since 2020, and people are only now finding out about it


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