Current Events 07-03-2023

Democrats Sure Love Slavery US Lawmakers Divided Over Supreme Court’s 2 Major Rulings

So basically, you cannot force somebody to provide you with goods and services if in doing so you are forcing them to violate their deeply held religious convictions. If Christians won’t bake you a cake or make a website for your fake deviant civil union (it’s not a wedding because it’s not marriage), then go buy that product from somebody who will. Nobody is stopping you. You don’t get special rights to force a business to serve you against their will, as forced servitude is, you guessed it, slavery.

In the same way, elite universities are no longer allowed to discriminate against whites and Asians in their admissions. Meaning, Mexicans and blacks are going to have to actually EARN their positions at those schools. Corporate America is next. If blacks and Mexicans want elite educations, then they are going to have to work to get them, just like everybody else. This also means that everybody who got one of those educations that happens to belong to one of the protected victim groups needs to prove they actually earned it. Diversity hires are useless. 

You are not OWED a position anywhere because you are black, or because you are a deviant, or because you are a woman. You get a position because you earned it – worked hard, made the grades, have the aptitude. That’s it. So if this means white dudes and Asians get all the jobs, oh well. WORK HARDER YOU LAZY IDIOTS. EARN IT. Or go home.

Hero ‘White Hat Hacker’ Uses Cyber Skills to Dismantle Child Predator Network, Bring Sickos to Justice

Now go after the federal government.

Diversity is Simply Code for “We Hate White People” France Burns While Media Demand We Pretend Not to See the Origin of the “Crisis”…

France has a right to remain French. Germany has a right to remain German. Britain has a right to remain British. IT IS OKAY TO BE WHITE (of European ancestry). Importing migrants from North Africa will only serve to make these FORMER civilizations look like Africa. And we all know how broke down, poor, and full of crime Africa IS, because of the culture of various African tribes who think that 1) lying / cheating and getting away with it is a sign of cleverness 2) what the group wants is more important than individual rights or personal property 3) if you have it and I want it, that makes it okay to steal it. 4) white people are bad, we envy what they have (worked for) so that makes raping their women, and burning and looting their businesses okay.

The hatred for whites is being whipped up. These people are being imported to start color revolutions and destroy Western Civilization. Then no one will be left to stop it.

Don’t Believe Me? Ask an African. A Black Pastor Speaks Truth to Power in Berkeley

The persecution of Christians worldwide is at all time high. You never hear about it, because crimes against Christians, or against whites, is not considered criminal by our racist, anti-American news media.

Spitting Fire Republican Voters Won’t Settle For a Pale Imitation of Donald Trump

No. We will not. I will never again be forced to vote for a RINO, lesser of two evils, non-choice of a handpicked GOPe candidate.


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