Current Events 07-05-2023

This Is It. It’s Our Last Chance. It’s the General Election, Stupid

We lose this election, we lose the Republic. It’s that simple.

You Think This Country Can’t Go Fascist? Think Again. How Governments Create Inhumane Bureaucracies 

If It Seems They May Lose, They Will Find a Reason To Suspend Elections The U.N. Is Planning To Seize Global ‘Emergency’ Powers With Biden’s Support

So we can do this easy, or REAL EASY. Get me?

They Aren’t Immigrants. They are INVADERS. France May Not Have Fallen – But It Is On The Edge

DeSantis is Jeb Bush 2.0 Team DeSantis Starting to Feel the Pressure of Unrealized Billionaire Expectations

Yes. Let’s Improve the Intelligence of Apes. What Could Happen? One shot of a kidney protein gave monkeys a brain boost; An early experiment suggests that an injection of klotho improves working memory.



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