Current Events 11-14-2023

You Cannot Argue – Only Conquer Radical Roots of the DEATH Cult

They want us dead. The people who will defend the wanton slaughter of Jews will bring the same slaughter to Christians here. These people are not misguided, or mistaken, or misunderstood – they are the enemy. They hate us. They will kill us if they can.

We are way past persuasion. That might work for some people, but the vast majority are religious zealots. Brainwashed legions who will do what their masters tell them to do. You can’t reason with such people. The only response is implacable resolve, and the willingness to meet violence with violence if needed.

We Have Allowed Treason to Go Unchallenged For Too Long No Serious Country Would Allow Terrorist Sympathizers To Run Its Government

Sure. We Need More Stupid People in Positions of Power. DC considers tossing social work exam over concerns it fails too many people of color

Maybe “people of color” should study harder, do better.

Party of Losers The Democrats May Or May Not Win The Next Election – But The Republicans Show Every Indication They Will Lose It

That Location Will Suffer From High Employee Turnover Among Security Guards, Failure to Keep a Job Longer Than Five Nights Chuck E. Cheese says it’s getting rid of animatronic bands except for 1 location

They Should Use a Gold Star Infant Son of J6 Defendant Placed on Quiet Skies Suspected Terrorist Watchlist


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