Current Events 11-15-2023

Pedos and Cannibals and Cannibal Pedos The Rise of Ethical Cannibalism

Morality matters. When once unmoored from any moral foundations, anything is possible. The endgame is bloody, violent perversion.

Israel Will Not Survive a Prolonged War in Gaza Israel Could Really Lose This One; A deep dive into the Tactics and Geostrategics of the Gaza Invasion

It will become their very own Vietnam.

For a People Being Genocided, They Sure Manage to Have a Lot of Babies There’s Genocide And Then There’s ‘Palestinian Genocide’

White Replacement is Real, and Self-Inflicted The Demographics of Polarization; Perhaps diversity should be a strength to be celebrated, but in practice it has become polarizing

The Ministry of Truth Meet NewsGuard: The Government-Backed Censorship Tool Billed As An Arbiter Of Truth

Libertarianism is a Dead-End Street Libertarianism Had Its Moment But Is Ill-Equipped For The Task Of Saving America

Turns out stable civilizations MUST legislate morality.

“Live and Let Live” Only Empowers Your Enemies To Deny YOU Life ‘I’ve Been a Left-Winger All My Life. Now I Realize How Naïve I Was.’


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