Current Events 02-05-2024

History Should Be About Truth, Facts, and Evidence, Not Propaganda Canceled for Questioning the Story on ‘Comfort Women’; Two professors argue based on documentary evidence that the Japanese did not forcibly conscript Korean women to be prostitutes.

It’s not that the Japanese military didn’t commit atrocities. It’s just when honest historical work is done, you find the facts don’t always fit the narrative. And when you broach the subject professionally, you get cancelled. So, as is typically the case, academia has stopped being about the search for truth, and more about lockstep support for propaganda. That’s what I have a problem with.

It’s Almost Like Ivy League Colleges Only Exist to Produce More Satanic Pedophile Elites The Grand Canyon-Sized Chasm Between Elites and Ordinary Americans; Ivy Leaguers versus everyone else

We’re Going to Need More Gallows The Return of 1848

Because Of Course He Is Germany’s former top neo-Nazi hunter now being monitored as extremist

It’s Time For All the Kens to Exit Barbieland A Mainstream Consensus on the State of Men

We Need Some Old-Fashioned Trust Busting The Dirty Business of Clean Blood; We have given the power of life or death over more than half a million people to two dialysis monopolies, DaVita and Fresenius. A non-compete ban could change that.

For profit medicine necessarily corrupts the whole purpose of medicine, which is patient care. Socialized medicine only shifts the profit motive to unelected bureaucracies who now have life and death power over people, and can wield that against them if they don’t like how they vote.

Swifties Are Braindead Zombies Being Weaponized by the Deep State How The Biden Regime Is Using The Taylor Swift Op To Foment A Cultural Color Revolution To Undermine The 2024 Election

In a Word: YES Will 2024 Be the Most Dangerous Election of Our Lifetime?

The UniParty is fighting for its life.

You Can’t Trust the WHO (As if That Wasn’t Already Obvious) The Sexual Predators of the WHO


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