Current Events 02-14-2024

Everything is a PsyOp Land of Spooks and Shills and Sheeple; Trust is hard to find

Everybody Needs Some Old Men In Their Life The Power of Old Men; Teaching in an age-old fashion

Communists HATE old people. Why? Because they lived through the past, and thus remember it. You can’t rewrite the past if there’s a lot of old folks around to contradict you. So the olds have to go.

All Efforts to Erase the Past Are Malevolent Can Florida Halt the Woke Revolution?

Christians Have Been Made the Enemy Let’s Talk About The Gender-Poisoned Mass Shooter Trend The Media Are Trying To Hide

We had better man up and start taking the threat serious.

Okay Now, That’s Just Cool F-Zero courses from a dead Nintendo satellite service restored using VHS and AI; There’s still a $5,000 prize for the original Japanese Satellaview broadcasts.


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