Current Events 02-19-2024

NYC is About to Find Out “F**k Around & Find Out”: Truckers Warn Loads To NYC Will Be Rejected Starting Monday

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should Scientists Resurrecting The Woolly Mammoth Are Crazy, Not ‘Cool’

Always Has Been It’s Class Warfare All the Way Down; dressed up as politics

Race warfare, gender warfare, and ideological division of all kinds are smokescreens constructed to keep proles from perceiving the REAL villains and constructing guillotines in response.

The Rent Is Too Damn High The U.S. Housing Market: Rent-Serfs and Artificial Scarcity

The Criminals Are Running the Prison No Return to Law & Order; Ideologically and demographically impossible

There is Nothing Worse Than CINOs They Got Us, Right Where They Want Us

The CIA Are the Enemies of the People How the CIA Destabilizes the World


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