Current Events 02-27-2024

Big Corn is Killing America The Empire of Corn; Any attempt to break free from the tyranny of American corn is dealt with severely: just ask Mexico

Do You Or Someone You Love Suffer From TDS? There Is Help. How To Diagnose Trump Derangement Syndrome; Dr. Bezmenov’s DSM-V diagnostic of the TDS mind virus pandemic

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum The Level of Crazy in Our Society Has Reached Heights Never Seen Before

IVF Is  Being Abused to Subvert Nature Thank Alabama for the Coming Superbabies; Why affective polarization makes reproductive freedom safer

If you bought into the feminist lie and delayed childbirth until you are past your childbearing years, then too bad so sad. You don’t get to have babies. That’s the price you paid and now you have to live with the natural consequences of your decisions. I have no sympathy for elites who think they can buy their way out of the biological realities of human reproduction. These same people, who many also claim to be pro-life, have no problems with creating multiple lives in a test tube and then discarding them in the pursuit of a “viable embryo.”

This doesn’t even begin to touch the abomination of homosexuality, which wants to use biotech or surrogacy (human slavery) to overcome biological realities, such as “two males / females cannot have offspring.”

IVF is a tool, meant to aid parents with legit fertility problems, not a safety net to allow women past their prime to reverse the aging process and have babies in their mid to late 30s. And so the thing that should be non-standard, and emergencies only, becomes standard. And babies get killed. The legislature in Alabama needs to regulate Big Fertility. And until they do, the Alabama Supreme Court decision stands.


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