Current Events 03-13-2024

Four Years Since the Republic Died – We Are Living in Its Corpse Four Years Ago This Week, Freedom Was Torched

America is a Police State The State of Our Nation No One’s Talking About: Tyranny Is Rising as Freedom Falls

I love my country. Love its history, the countryside itself, most of its people, its ideals, its national character (at least, the one I remember), but I hate the ruling class. I hate them with all my heart. They are killing America for reasons known only to themselves, and the upshot of it is that it hurts Americans. And they don’t care. Even celebrate it because they hate white people, and the middle class, and the working poor. I want jail for these people. I want executions. We are being ruled against our will, and that is not a representative Democracy at all. That’s an oligarchy. 

Tucker Knows What’s What An Important 4 Minutes Within Tucker Carlson Interview

It’s Either Rule of Law or Mob Rule The Regime v. America

The rule of law is the thinnest, barest line of human decency that holds our basic savage instincts in check. It’s what keeps us from going full Haiti and executing politicians in the streets. And these retards are doing everything they can to remove all social checks and balances so that the only recourse decent people are left with is violence. We have to elect Trump, or else war. That’s not a threat or a wish. It’s an observation of the stark, bloody reality that will follow if they steal another election.

They Are About to “Find Out” It’s Not Wise to Corner a Bear

Average Americans are being pushed to the brink where they are going to have to make survival based choices. Survival based choices (i.e. a stranger has broken into my house, what do I do?) never result in peaceful outcomes. This isn’t a game. It’s life and death. But so many Americans are blind to what’s happening, while the ruling class behave as they always do – “This will never affect me.” Well we need to MAKE it affect them. In any case, this wicked system of governance cannot continue. It’s not merely illegal – IT IS EVIL. You don’t debate with evil – you STOP it.

They Are Cooking the Books Here Are Some Mugshots of ‘White’ Prisoners

It’s a Death Cult Mengeles Everywhere

It’s time to go all Phineas on them, I think.


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