Current Events 03-20-2024

Biden and the Left are Evil Pedo Satanists Biden’s Bloodbath

It is no longer possible to co-exist with these people. They are evil. They will not stop until we make them stop.

Are You a Classical Liberal? You Are No Longer Welcome on the Left. How the Left Was Left

Would you like free speech? Freedom of religion? No war? Come over to the right. We’re awesome.

Scott Adams Was Right There’s A Deadly Race War Raging In America

Blacks have been radicalized and weaponized against average white people. It will inevitably reach a point where we are going to have to fight to protect our families. Once it starts, the bloodletting isn’t going to stop until one side or the other is destroyed. I doubt very much it will be us. We cannot let these evil pedo Satanists on the Left turn our country into Haiti.

The Left HATES Women Kitchen Confidential; The family hearth, tended by women, is central to society, which is why it’s so dangerous.


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