Current Events 07-02-2024

Six Months Trump is Going to Win; Liberals, get those passports ready. You have six months. 

China Has Bought Our Government, and is Going For the Killshot The Diminishing Likelihood of a Fair Election

As Do ALL Presidents Supreme Court Rules President Trump Has Absolute Immunity for Official Actions Within Constitutional Authority

In Which They Reveal Their True Desires, Once Again Leftists Falsely Suggest Biden Can Assassinate Trump, SCOTUS Justices

Execution or jail. We cannot be timid about this anymore.

What We Have Right Now is Not a Representative Government By ‘Democracy,’ Democrats Mean A Shadow Government Of Unelected Biden Aides

How Far Are Democrats Prepared to Go to Keep Power? What Now that the Gaslighting is Over?

We All Know Who Who’s Behind This Show?

It’s Obama. It’s always been Obama.


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