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Current Events 08-04-2023

Rich Privilege The Wealthy Are Not Like You and Me–Our Terminally Stratified Society Think Gulags Can’t Happen? The USA’s Turn toward Communism Think Again Tyranny 101: Stop Saying That ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ — It IS Happening Here They Want to Enshrine the 2020 Election Fraud Permanently Into Law Democrats’ ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ is […]

Current Events 08-02-2023

We Are No Longer Governed By Consent Donald Trump: The Real Victim of the Russiagate Hoax Wasn’t Me. It Was the American People They Have Criminalized Contesting Fraud Elections The Trump Indictment Criminalizes Political Dissent; Is it legal to disagree with Democrats? The Jan 6 indictment says it isn’t. Nearly the Whole Government Should Be […]

Current Events 07-26-2023

60% We KNOW About Democrats Run The Most Crime Ridden Cities In The US – But Is The Situation Even Worse Than We’re Told? War. You Get War. What Happens When Democrats Start Ignoring U.S. Supreme Court Rulings They Don’t Like? They Like Muslims Because, Like Muslims, They Hope to Kill All Infidels ‘Shut Up […]

Current Events 07-25-2023

A Call to Arms The Constitution, Citizenship, and the New Right The sheer cowardice and compliance of the modern church is disgusting, sufficient to make God puke. The Modern Left is the Same Old Fascism Progressivism is Fascism without Virtue This Is On Purpose Biden’s End Game? – Kensington, Philadelphia; The fentanyl epidemic that is […]

Current Events 07-13-2023

In a Word? YES Is the 2024 Election the Last Gasp for America? It’s our last chance to effect change short of violence. But there will likely be war in any case.  False Flags In-bound Two-Tiered ‘Justice’ Intended to Incite Rebellion They want us to react, so they can declare a state of emergency, invoke […]

Current Events 07-10-2023

Church and Family is Where It’s At The Long March Through the Soul How Is It a Conspiracy When It’s Happening? Corrupt Media Care More About ‘Qanon’ Than Human Trafficking QAnon is a set of conspiracy theories alleged to be on the right of the political spectrum. I personally think it’s a psyop designed to […]

Current Events 07-05-2023

This Is It. It’s Our Last Chance. It’s the General Election, Stupid We lose this election, we lose the Republic. It’s that simple. You Think This Country Can’t Go Fascist? Think Again. How Governments Create Inhumane Bureaucracies  If It Seems They May Lose, They Will Find a Reason To Suspend Elections The U.N. Is Planning […]

Current Events 07-03-2023

Democrats Sure Love Slavery US Lawmakers Divided Over Supreme Court’s 2 Major Rulings So basically, you cannot force somebody to provide you with goods and services if in doing so you are forcing them to violate their deeply held religious convictions. If Christians won’t bake you a cake or make a website for your fake […]

Current Events 06-27-2023

This Is All South Africa — The First Country Built on “Critical Race Theory” — Officially Implodes Controlled Demolition Naked Men Freely Expose Themselves To Kids At Pride Because The Right Bought The Left’s ‘Tolerance’ Lie Of the West What the Left Has Left for America; What the Left now fears most is the revolutionary […]

Current Events 06-26-2023

So Much For Importing North African Muslims, Eh? The Left Can Have Islam or LGBTQA+. Not Both; The Democrat coalition is falling apart. It’s a Pagan Theocracy Pride Is The Flag Of American Occupation Which Men Do You Want? The Masculinity Vacuum Genital Mutilation. Medical Malpractice. Transgender Lawsuits Reveal Horrors of Procedures Anti-Natalism is the […]