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Current Events 05-21-2022

Understatement The Swamp Must Be Drained The Alphabet Agencies and the federal bureaucracies have rendered the Constitution moot. We do not live in a free country. We are slaves who exist to keep the federal government funded, but we have no meaningful representation in that government. Our leaders are incompetent, corrupt, and wholly focussed on […]

Current Events 05-20-2022

Here Come the Federal Hate Speech Codes House Passes ‘White Supremacism’ Domestic Terrorism Bill After Buffalo Shooting; The bill only mentions white supremacy and neo-Nazis because obviously, those are the only people who terrorize others. I mean why not? We’ve pretty much abolished the 1st amendment. FYI: If you’re white, you’re already a racist, and if […]

Current Events 05-19-2022

Like His Voters Half Of Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Fake According To Audit Increasing Federal Police Power to Crack Down on All Political Dissent House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill After Buffalo Shooting Anybody critical of the regime, or willing to stand against its illegal actions, is going to be declared a terrorist, especially, as 85% […]

Current Events 05-18-2022

You’re Not an Extremist – The Dems Have Shifted So Far Left We All Appear “Far Right” Elon Musk Announces He’s Switching To Vote Republican She’s Not “Plus Sized” – She’s Fat Jordan Peterson Quits Twitter After Calling Plus-Size Model ‘Not Beautiful’ BLM is a Terrorist Organization That Shook Down Billions From Corporations Tax Documents Further […]

Truth Social

FYI folks! Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social, has been active on IOS since February. As of today, the web app is now live. So get on over to https://truthsocial.com and sign up while you can still get the username you want. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok/YouTube are groomer platforms that allow pedophiles, assorted other perverts, terrorists, heathens […]

Current Events 05-16-2022

The Cake is a Lie Ukraine And The New Al Qaeda Ukraine is a CIA state. They were overthrown by a CIA backed color revolution in 2014. Their government and military is riddled with neo-nazis. Russia, no good guy either, is justifiably interested in keeping a CIA backed state, riddled with neo-nazis, from joining NATO […]

Current Events 05-11-2022

The Media Apparatchiks Serve the Regime – They Are All Liars Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Debunking AP’s ‘2000 Mules’ Hit Piece We Are Living In the Aftermath of a Palace Coup The consequences of the stolen 2020 election are increasingly catastrophic At some point, we are going to have to start arresting and executing […]

A Declaration of War

I wish I lived in Texas so I could vote for Allen West. This is a declaration of war. The enemy has made their intentions towards us abundantly clear. Are we going to tamely roll over and let the Maoists keep control of our country, purge us and our children? Or are we going to […]

Current Events 05-10-2022

Arm Up, Christians God Is Under Attack – The Mob Comes For Religion We had a color revolution and a palace coup in 2020. The Maoists will try to destroy religion next, as we are all that stands between them and unfettered power. Abortion is Murder. Always Has Been. The Devil is in the Details, […]

2000 Mules

Here is an independent copy of Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, 2000 Mules. True the Vote did the work that our own Quisling Republicans refused to do, because they were likely paid off or blackmailed by the Dems. The short of it is this: the Democrat Party committed fraud to steal the 2020 election. We have […]