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Current Events 03-15-2023

Hunkered Down, Hoping They Don’t Get Sent to the Gulag First Where Is the American Church in All This? Never Go Full Retard David French Says To Stop Calling the Chemical Castration of Children ‘Abusive’ This Is The Strategy of Maoists The Civil War I Grew Up With. Now, the monuments to only one side remain. […]

Current Events 03-14-2023

Refuse the Language Imposed by Leftist Oligarchs Taking Back Our Country, One Word at a Time Sodomites / perverts, not “gay”.Genital mutilation, not transitioning.Murder / infanticide, not abortion, or choice.Maoist / Communist, not Democrat.Terrorist thugs, not peaceful protestors.Mentally ill, not transgender.Sex, not gender (the word ‘gender’ was created by pedophile John Money).Marxism, not equity.Anti-white racism, […]

Current Events 03-10-2023

This is Who We Are. This Is What We Must Do. Making America Great Again The Wrong Lizard Might Get In There’s Something about MAGA Don’t You Think It’s High Time We Got Rid of the Lizards? Trump Is Leader of Republican Party… and America We Need a Real President to Meet This Threat The […]

Current Events 03-08-2023

Challenged the Regime – Can’t Have That Tucker Carlson Responds to the Blitzkrieg of DC and Media Apoplexy Following His Broadcast of J6 CCTV Video It Was All Lies – Every Bit Tucker Carlson Exposes Jan. 6 Committee as Crude Liars; Even on the small stuff, they warped reality to advance political interests. They stole an […]

Current Events 03-07-2023

We Are in the Terminal Phase of the GloboHomo Plan For World Dominance Life Among the Ruins; The few sowed the wind, and the many reaped their whirlwind. The barbarians are at the gates. The Center Cannot Hold Coming Apart Turns Out the Nuclear Family is the Engine That Powers Civilization Japan’s Old Age Crisis and […]

Current Events 03-02-2023

Racism Is It Still OK to Be White? It shouldn’t surprise when once in a while, the conditioned hypervigilant self-restraint of white society melts over in acts of Icarus-like self-destruction. Is Wrong It’s NOT Okay To Be White; The great taboo of saying whites are alright In All It’s Forms The Woke Wrecking Machine; Americans should end it now […]

Current Events 02-27-2023

Sooner or Later, Direct Violent Action Will Be Needed. Or They Kill Us. Elon Musk defends Dilbert creator Scott Adams… slams “racist media” and “racist black people” Elon is from South Africa. He knows all about this. Scott Adams video, which started this whole dialogue…

Current Events 02-22-2023

This Is America’s Future, Unless We Stop It Now, And For Good South Africa — The First Country Built on “Critical Race Theory” — Officially Implodes Africans are incapable of running a modern country. That’s the lesson to be learned. Their various cultures won’t allow it. And until the culture changes (i.e. the total abolition […]