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Current Events 11-15-2022

We Vote For Trump Because He Fights Post-Mortem By Thomas Kendall We have been robbed. Time and again the Republicans have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. They are the party of Quislings. The party of compromise, cowardice and surrender. They are the France of political parties. I vote for Trump or I vote […]

Current Events 11-12-2022

There is No Point in Electing Republicans So Long as the McDunces Are in Charge The Airplane! Election McConnell and Company Threw the Election Just Enough to Keep Power, But Blame Trump President Trump Fires Back Against Ron DeSantis, Con Inc and Coordinated Narrative Midterm Effort They won’t do anything to fix the cheating mechanisms […]

Current Events 10-31-2022

Where Is the Outrage, You Worthless Hypocrites? Onward Christian Cowards This Is How Free Speech Dies It’s About Power Alex Jones needs to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. There is more at stake here than some bad actors saying some terrible things. And for all we know, the people harassing the […]

Current Events 10-18-2022

Vote In Person on Nov 8! GOPerdammerung: Signs of a Seismic National Shift and a Red Tidal Wave; Americans rejected impotence in 1980. Something comparable is afoot this election year. Or absentee if you can’t. But do not abstain. We only win if enough of us vote to overwhelm the cheating. We Only Seem Extreme Compared to […]

Current Events 09-29-2022

Anybody Not On Board With Trump is a Traitor and Has No Place in Our Movement He’s Still the One DeSantis Needs to Hold the Line in Florida Until 2028 – 2024 Is Trump’s Year DeSantis: MAGA Understudy or Saboteur? Libertarians Are Useful Idiots Will Libertarian Candidates Again Deny GOP the U.S. Senate? The more powerful […]

Current Events 09-28-2022

He Cannot Fail to Run – It Is That Urgent Donald Trump and the Future of Western Civilization When the Regime Decides to Destroy You, What Can You Do But Revolt? Today’s blacklisted American: Arrested in 2020 for letting her kids play in park, a mom is still being prosecuted by Idaho Republicans This is […]

Current Events 09-27-2022

What Are We Prepared to Do to Save Our Republic? What Does Fidelity to Our Founding Principles Require Today? If historicism is false, then the American system can be lost. Tyranny can recur. But do conservatives see this? The Left Wants Its Reichstag Fire – We Must Not Give It to Them Don’t Take the Bait […]

Current Events 09-26-2022

George Floyd Killed Himself. Derek Chauvin Did Nothing Wrong. Democrats Used A Massive Race Hoax To Gain Power When will they be called out for this? What about all the people defamed, slandered, and called racist simply for happening to be pale skinned? When will people apologize to me for calling me racist, for being […]

Current Events 09-23-2022

They’re Coming For Our Steak The Meat Replacement Hypothesis Communism Cannot Allow Free Speech Why Orwell matters; His defence of freedom flies in the face of all that is woke and regressive today. Words matter. Laws Matter The Current Crime Wave Is Unlike Any Ever Experienced In America If the laws are applied unevenly, then justice is […]

Current Events 09-16-2022

We Have Been Conquered. Our Enemy Cannot Be Bargained With. Only Extirpated. Uncivil Society The Left Is the Proximal Cause of All Our Present Troubles Progressives are the Cause for American Decline We must cut out the cancer if we are to survive. We Are Past Simple Ignorance – This Is Malicious Intent Nice People […]