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Current Events 12-23-2022

This Is Why I Call Then Homofascists Mother Finds Herself Under Military Scrutiny for Objecting to Sexuality Poster at School They aren’t going to allow dissent. You will bow the knee, kiss the ring, allow the grooming and sexualization of your children, or they will destroy you. The Rainbow Guard has no tolerance. He’s Our […]


Trump announced via TruthSocial his initiative to defend Free Speech once he is re-elected a second time. Restoring Free Speech Overview: – BAN federal agencies from colluding to censor American citizens. – BAN taxpayer dollars from being used to label speech as “mis-“ or “disinformation” – FIRE every federal bureaucrat who has engaged in domestic […]

Current Events 12-09-2022

It’s Wrong to Lie. Especially to Children. I Won’t Lie To My Kids About Santa Claus How can you lie to your children about Santa Claus and Easter Bunnies and Tooth Faeries and then turn around and say “You need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.”? How can they ever trust that anything you […]

Current Events 12-08-2022

We Are Not a Republic 2020: The Year the Ruling Class Took Control They don’t even hide the cheating anymore. Our Leaders Are Incompetent At Best, Quislings At Worst 3 Unsexy Reasons Warnock Beat Walker In The Georgia Runoff They would rather lose everything then let Trump return to the White House. The Regime Wants […]

Current Events 12-06-2022

Get Married. Make Babies. Stop Virtue-Signaling and Prioritize Real Marriage Real marriage. One man. One woman. God recognizes nothing else. Neither do I. Christians, stop appropriating heathen culture and ideologies. Russia Makes America Look Weak Putin Signs Into Law Sweeping Ban On “LGBT Propaganda” Why can’t WE stop the grooming of children like Putin has? […]

Current Events 12-04-2022

Twitter Colluded With the DNC to Steal the 2020 Election ‘Twitter Files’ Confirm Big Tech Leftists Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story Ahead Of 2020 Election From Leftist Darling to Public Enemy The Trumpification of Elon Musk But You’ll Never Hear it In the News Trump Was Set Up; Milo Yiannopoulos admits deliberate attempted sabotage of former […]

Current Events 12-01-2022

We Aren’t Fighting Political Parties A Common Misconception in Elections, The RNC and DNC Do Not Represent “Voters”, They Represent the Interests of Their Private Corporations We are fighting the corporations that run them. That is the problem. Taking the Black Pill I Used to Be Disgusted, Now I’m Just Tired They Want to Rule […]

Current Events 11-17-2022

Why Should Anybody Vote Republican When the McDunces Are in Charge? Trump vs. the GOP Establishment; The battle for the soul of the GOP begins. Again. We cannot win the war against the Left until we take over and transform our own Party. I’m Ready For War He’s Back, President Donald J Trump Officially Declares His […]