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Current Events 02-15-2024

78% of Democrats Are Traitors Who Want to Abolish Elections Rasmussen Poll: 78% of Dems Back States Removing Trump From Ballot Civil War Is Possible, Even Likely Our Gathering Storm We Are the Baddies What Everyone Is Missing About the Putin/Carlson Talk Oceania Has Always Been at War With East Asia Tucker interview with Putin […]

Current Events 02-14-2024

Everything is a PsyOp Land of Spooks and Shills and Sheeple; Trust is hard to find Everybody Needs Some Old Men In Their Life The Power of Old Men; Teaching in an age-old fashion Communists HATE old people. Why? Because they lived through the past, and thus remember it. You can’t rewrite the past if […]

Current Events 02-05-2024

History Should Be About Truth, Facts, and Evidence, Not Propaganda Canceled for Questioning the Story on ‘Comfort Women’; Two professors argue based on documentary evidence that the Japanese did not forcibly conscript Korean women to be prostitutes. It’s not that the Japanese military didn’t commit atrocities. It’s just when honest historical work is done, you […]

Don’t Tell Me How to Vote

I despise the term “Evangelical”. It’s a meaningless word. Many, MANY so-called Evangelicals do not meet the Biblical definition of a Christian, based on their own stated beliefs, which run fully counter to the teachings of Jesus Christ. I have watched the GOPe run their rope-a-dope CINO (Christian in Name Only) candidates again and again. […]

Current Events 01-22-2024

This Is Pre-Cursor To Civil War Here’s Where Democracy’s Dying… It Is Likely Even Higher Poll: Nearly a third of voters lack confidence in 2024 presidential election I Believe It is Deliberate 2024—America’s Year of Living Dangerously; Add it all up, and the world abroad agrees America is in rapid decline and will not or […]

Current Events 01-05-2024

I Want Executions Rethinking Presidential Power For The Next Trump Administration; In sharp contrast with legal scholars who readily conflate presidential and administrative power, legitimate presidential powers are now, in fact, at their weakest in history. Make it or Break It The Year of Living Dangerously has Begun

Happy New Year!

And enjoy the final year of the American republic. I remember, not long before Rush Limbaugh died, during his radio broadcast he talked about how much Democrats hate democracy, and how they will abolish it if they can. I think we are to that point. I think this year, one or more of the terrorist […]

Current Events 12-15-2023

Our Government Hates Us Big Picture Debrief – We Are in an Abusive Relationship, Accepting Isolation MAGA or Nothing GOP Betrays Voters… Again This is what people cannot seem to grasp. The problem isn’t the two party system in this country – the problem is the SINGLE party system we have in this country. We […]

Current Events 12-13-2023

Knowing the Attack is Coming And Being Able to STOP It Are Two Entirely Different Things The NYT is wrong about Israeli intelligence; The IDF knew of Hamas’s plan — and made the logical call At least now they have the opportunity to utterly exterminate Hamas. These Demon Worshippers Want to Reduce the World Population […]

Current Events 11-29-2023

The Walked Here First Nations WERE Savages Contrary To Leftist Revisionism, Native American Culture Was Indeed ‘Savage’ Even the so-called “peaceful” Eastern tribes. They had not even developed the wheel. THE FRICKIN WHEEL. The one exception would be the Cherokee, but only because they had fully assimilated into Western culture. So the Democrats under Andrew […]