Current Events 02-15-2024

78% of Democrats Are Traitors Who Want to Abolish Elections Rasmussen Poll: 78% of Dems Back States Removing Trump From Ballot

Civil War Is Possible, Even Likely Our Gathering Storm

We Are the Baddies What Everyone Is Missing About the Putin/Carlson Talk

Oceania Has Always Been at War With East Asia Tucker interview with Putin – Real Fact Check

If Congress Won’t Congress, Then We are Looking at Rule Without Representation What Is Congress For?

Current Events 02-14-2024

Everything is a PsyOp Land of Spooks and Shills and Sheeple; Trust is hard to find

Everybody Needs Some Old Men In Their Life The Power of Old Men; Teaching in an age-old fashion

Communists HATE old people. Why? Because they lived through the past, and thus remember it. You can’t rewrite the past if there’s a lot of old folks around to contradict you. So the olds have to go.

All Efforts to Erase the Past Are Malevolent Can Florida Halt the Woke Revolution?

Christians Have Been Made the Enemy Let’s Talk About The Gender-Poisoned Mass Shooter Trend The Media Are Trying To Hide

We had better man up and start taking the threat serious.

Okay Now, That’s Just Cool F-Zero courses from a dead Nintendo satellite service restored using VHS and AI; There’s still a $5,000 prize for the original Japanese Satellaview broadcasts.

Current Events 02-05-2024

History Should Be About Truth, Facts, and Evidence, Not Propaganda Canceled for Questioning the Story on ‘Comfort Women’; Two professors argue based on documentary evidence that the Japanese did not forcibly conscript Korean women to be prostitutes.

It’s not that the Japanese military didn’t commit atrocities. It’s just when honest historical work is done, you find the facts don’t always fit the narrative. And when you broach the subject professionally, you get cancelled. So, as is typically the case, academia has stopped being about the search for truth, and more about lockstep support for propaganda. That’s what I have a problem with.

It’s Almost Like Ivy League Colleges Only Exist to Produce More Satanic Pedophile Elites The Grand Canyon-Sized Chasm Between Elites and Ordinary Americans; Ivy Leaguers versus everyone else

We’re Going to Need More Gallows The Return of 1848

Because Of Course He Is Germany’s former top neo-Nazi hunter now being monitored as extremist

It’s Time For All the Kens to Exit Barbieland A Mainstream Consensus on the State of Men

We Need Some Old-Fashioned Trust Busting The Dirty Business of Clean Blood; We have given the power of life or death over more than half a million people to two dialysis monopolies, DaVita and Fresenius. A non-compete ban could change that.

For profit medicine necessarily corrupts the whole purpose of medicine, which is patient care. Socialized medicine only shifts the profit motive to unelected bureaucracies who now have life and death power over people, and can wield that against them if they don’t like how they vote.

Swifties Are Braindead Zombies Being Weaponized by the Deep State How The Biden Regime Is Using The Taylor Swift Op To Foment A Cultural Color Revolution To Undermine The 2024 Election

In a Word: YES Will 2024 Be the Most Dangerous Election of Our Lifetime?

The UniParty is fighting for its life.

You Can’t Trust the WHO (As if That Wasn’t Already Obvious) The Sexual Predators of the WHO

Don’t Tell Me How to Vote

I despise the term “Evangelical”. It’s a meaningless word. Many, MANY so-called Evangelicals do not meet the Biblical definition of a Christian, based on their own stated beliefs, which run fully counter to the teachings of Jesus Christ. I have watched the GOPe run their rope-a-dope CINO (Christian in Name Only) candidates again and again. So with Trump, I thought, “Here’s a guy who if he does even a fraction of what he says he wants to do could change everything.” I was right.

And three Supreme Court appointments later, they buried Roe v. Wade. I was called a compromiser. I was called false. I was lambasted by these “Evangelicals”. And I was right. They wanted Cruz. He would have lost to Hillary, and that would have been the end of that.

I’ll take a flawed man like Trump who actually DEFENDS religious freedom in America, over some pre-packaged, focus grouped, FAKE candidate who dares to name the name of Jesus Christ and won’t even stand for life, or defend children against groomers.

Jesus Himself said “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:15-16

Actions speak louder than words.

Current Events 01-22-2024

This Is Pre-Cursor To Civil War Here’s Where Democracy’s Dying…

It Is Likely Even Higher Poll: Nearly a third of voters lack confidence in 2024 presidential election

I Believe It is Deliberate 2024—America’s Year of Living Dangerously; Add it all up, and the world abroad agrees America is in rapid decline and will not or cannot defend its interests, or for that matter itself.

We cannot go down without a fight. This is OUR country. The Maoists cannot have it.

Democrats Sure Do Love Segregation The Long Shadow of Southern Segregation by Race; DEI and its advocate, Claudine Gay, marginalize Brown and take us back to Plessy, where differences in skin color justify imposing unequal opportunity on all—some to benefit at the expense of others.

We Cannot Allow America to DIE Why America’s “Anti-Discrimination” Regime Needs to Be Dismantled

This Is Nothing Less Than Human Trafficking Meet 5 Accused Pedophiles Who Bought Kids Through Surrogacy

We Do Not Know When Jesus Is Returning The Rapture Doesn’t Mean No Politics

Until he does, we have to be involved in our world.

Current Events 01-05-2024

I Want Executions Rethinking Presidential Power For The Next Trump Administration; In sharp contrast with legal scholars who readily conflate presidential and administrative power, legitimate presidential powers are now, in fact, at their weakest in history.

Make it or Break It The Year of Living Dangerously has Begun

Happy New Year!

And enjoy the final year of the American republic.

I remember, not long before Rush Limbaugh died, during his radio broadcast he talked about how much Democrats hate democracy, and how they will abolish it if they can. I think we are to that point. I think this year, one or more of the terrorist cells that have been allowed to slip across the southern border are going to attack. I think it will be blamed on “white supremacy” somehow. I think there will be a massive crackdown on America First patriots. I think there will be a state of emergency, and elections suspended “temporarily”, which is to say “we are banning elections permanently”. I think we could see secession and armed revolution. And, they will likely attempt to kill Donald Trump. It’s going to be an ugly year. 

We have reached the final point of reckoning in this country. This is the year where Americans have to wake up from their self-induced stupor and decide once and for all “what kind of country do I want my grandchildren to live in?” Will it be a free country, based on the Constitution and the rule of law? Or will it be a despotic, Marxist country ruled by Maoists in which every citizen is programmed, ruled, and controlled?

There are some truly evil people at work. They are also truly DELUDED people. Kind of like Lucifer, thinking he could whip God in a fight. Their end game seems to be some kind of dystopia where they live like New Gods in some cloistered paradise while we peasants exist to work the land and provide them with things, and someone to feel superior over.

I am not being an extremist in saying these things. Nor am I advocating for violence. I hope to God violence will not be needed. The only problem is, if you aren’t ready to meet violence with violence, then the Communists will sweep you up in the first crackdown when they are attempting to eliminate all dissent. So you have to be ready. That’s all. Enjoy the New Year!

Current Events 12-15-2023

Our Government Hates Us Big Picture Debrief – We Are in an Abusive Relationship, Accepting Isolation

MAGA or Nothing GOP Betrays Voters… Again

This is what people cannot seem to grasp. The problem isn’t the two party system in this country – the problem is the SINGLE party system we have in this country. We do not need a third party. We need a SECOND one.

The Senate Believes Trump is Going to Win in 2024 Congress approves bill barring any president from unilaterally withdrawing from NATO

Do You TRULY Wish to Live in a Communist Country? Civilization Versus the New Nihilists; Americans must choose between civilization—or its destroyers


Current Events 12-13-2023

Knowing the Attack is Coming And Being Able to STOP It Are Two Entirely Different Things The NYT is wrong about Israeli intelligence; The IDF knew of Hamas’s plan — and made the logical call

At least now they have the opportunity to utterly exterminate Hamas.

These Demon Worshippers Want to Reduce the World Population by 90% The Totalitarian Three-Step

You read that right. NINETY.

The 1st Amendment Does NOT Protect Satanism Why the 1st Amendment Protects Religion but Not Satanism

We Are Americans White Is Not A Sign Of Deracination; The Right needs to avoid liberal myths about racial identity

Current Events 11-29-2023

The Walked Here First Nations WERE Savages Contrary To Leftist Revisionism, Native American Culture Was Indeed ‘Savage’

Even the so-called “peaceful” Eastern tribes. They had not even developed the wheel. THE FRICKIN WHEEL. The one exception would be the Cherokee, but only because they had fully assimilated into Western culture. So the Democrats under Andrew Jackson killed them.

Make Better Humans Natural Eugenics

Making a PRO-natalist society is the only hope of escaping the doom the progressives are bringing.

That’s Because the FBI are Faggots Trad Catholic Family Dragged Out of Home at Gunpoint, Locked in Van After FBI ‘Goaded’ Teen to Post Offensive Memes, Dad Says

Have a care online. Do not doxx yourself. Do not give out personal details. Maintain your anonymity. Then you can talk how you please and the people of uncertain parentage cannot come after you.

This Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg 😀 Disney got Microsoft to change its AI image generator because people were making too many savage Pixar-style posters

You magnificent memelords.

They Don’t Only Hate Jews Jew-Haters Loathe All Of Western Civilization, Not Just Israel

They hate everything the Jewish nation has produced (i.e. the religion of Jesus Christ the Messiah).

WE Are Being Colonized by Bolsheviks and Maoists Dear Liberals: The Question of Colonization

Darn Tootin’ We’re Going to Do Unto You Don’t Do Unto Others What We Would Have Done to Them?