Current Events 04-03-2023

Never Go Full Retard To Everyone Celebrating Trump’s Indictment; Politicized prosecutions never stop with one person or one party.

The political prosecution of a former President, who has committed no crimes, who was deposed by fraud, and who is set to win in a landslide in 2024, is pure election interference. What they are doing is illegal, real banana republic, 3rd world kind of behavior. If this stands, the Republic is lost. 

It goes without saying that every former President is now open to prosecution. For ACTUAL crimes.

They Want Absolute Control Over Our Money Will Economic Freedom End this July?

The Sexual Revolution Was a Lie It All Began With the Pill

Everything that followed from it is pure death.

We Didn’t End Slavery – We Outsourced It The Persistent Horror of Congo’s Exploitation

It’s the Geography, Stupid The Cultural And Political Forces Driving Violence In The Black Community

Meatball Ron Is an Empty Suit and a Hairdo REMINDER: The Foundation of DeSantis 2024 Is Built on a Ridiculous Lie

Current Events 03-29-2023

They Plainly Intend to Kill Us They (/Them) Did It; This tragedy involved people, not pronouns.

They Want Us Disarmed To Make Genocide More Convenient Here’s How to Respond to Radical Trans Networks; There is no limiting principle on the left. That is a feature for them. It isn’t a bug.

If Those Children Didn’t Want to Murdered, They Should Have Thought of That Before Being Christians Fixed It For You: Here’s What The Vilest Headlines From The Nashville School Shooting Should Have Said

The Alphabet People Don’t Want Co-Existence – They Want Dominance, And They Will Kill Us to Get It LGBTQ activists fighting tooth and nail to keep transgender shooters’ manifesto BURIED…

We Are The World’s Richest Banana Republic Overcoming America’s Political Paralysis

The Time For Overthrowing the Regime Has Come How Will We Know When We’re Winning?

The TikTok Bill Is the Patriot Act for the Internet RESTRICT Act is Not About TikTok: ‘It Gives the Government Authority Over All Forms of Communication Domestic or Abroad’; The bill doesn’t even name TikTok!

This Is a Call to Arms For Followers of Christ

By now you have heard of the transgender activist who attacked The Covenant School, a Christian elementary school in Nashville, TN, and shot and killed 6 people, including three children. This was a hate crime. It was a targeted attack on Christians, in reaction to transgender activism which has instructed these mentally ill people that because we will not tolerate their mental illness, we are guilty of violence against them, and therefore we deserve to die.

I think it is now very clear, if it wasn’t before – the Left intends to kill us. I have been saying it for years. They hate us and they want us dead. We are the enemy, because Christians think wrong. 

I do not believe the Bible teaches pacifism. I do not think that because Jesus willingly laid down His life as an act of substitutionary atonement, that we His followers are in any way required to be passive in the face of clear and present danger. We have to take our personal security, the security of our churches, our schools, and any other place where Christians gather, seriously. This is only going to escalate.

I would recommend getting out of States where the 2nd amendment is not respected. I would recommend getting CCW insurance, so you can afford a lawyer if you are required to defend yourself using lethal force. I would recommend training with your firearm, and preparing yourself mentally for what must be done in an active shooter incident. 

We must be prepared, mentally and physically, to meet violence with violence in defense of our own lives, and the lives of the people we are tasked, as men, with protecting. If the government intends to make us martyrs, then they must do so over the bodies of every agent of the state they send to kill or capture us.

“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” James 4:17

Think of the Bible as the Book of FAAFO

We have defied God as a nation.

We broke down marriage. We made deviancy “normal”. We are actively destroying women and children and families.

Jesus said it.

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6 (KJV)

He means it.

We have turned against Christianity, and the numerous Christian principles that were baked into the Constitution.

We have called good evil and evil good.

We have shaken our fist in the face of God, and dared the Holy God, the King of Creation, to do something. We interpret His mercy as weakness, call His justice cruelty, and His longsuffering absence. We are become fools.

“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,

Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.” Psalm 2:1-4 (KJV)

Be assured.

We are about to find out.

Current Events 03-23-2023

Uganda Passes Pro-Normalcy Bill That Imposes Death Penalty For Rapists, Including Forcible Sodomy – There. Fixed It For You. Uganda Passes Strict Anti-Gay Bill That Imposes Death Penalty for Some

His Paymasters Won’t Allow It With One Bold Move, Ron DeSantis Could Completely Upend The Trump Indictment Drama

Would They Rather Still Be Living in Africa? Ben Stein Is Right (Sort of): Black Americans Have ‘Never Had It So Good’

It’s A Chamber of Horrors O Sanity! The history of psychiatry is replete with horrors.

If You Aren’t For Protecting Children, I Don’t Even Want to Know You Where Republicans Stand On Transgender Insanity Should Be A Litmus Test For Their Political Futures

This Should Be a Litmus Test Too Democrats’ Banana-Republic Persecution Of Donald Trump Must Meet A Republican Response

No Republican should stay in office who has no opinion on this.

Well Done, Biden Why hypersonic weapons change everything; They can sink ALL of the U.S. aircraft carriers, all at once

Would Could Possibly Go Wrong? Cashless Society: Panera Bread Debuts “Frictionless” Palm Payment System

We Are Not Peasants. Time We Stopped Acting Like Them. The Art of Being Dependent

Pot Damages Chromosomes and Causes Birth Defects Cannabis use in adolescent years may create reproductive complications in women, according to new study

Current Events 03-22-2023

I feel like I’m living in the final days of the Weimar Republic. Lots to get through today. Buckle up.

We Are Experiencing Exactly What the Germans Went Through in the 1930s Eight Startling and Uncomfortable Ways the Democrat Party Emulates the Nazi Party

This Is How 3rd World Countries Operate Why a Trump Arrest Imperils the American Idea; It always has been part of the American Oral Law that we do not take into custody or arraign our presidents or former presidents.

We do not use political prosecutions to eliminate the opposition frontrunner.

Government Censorship By Proxy The U.S. Government Is Building A Vast Surveillance And Speech Suppression Web Around Every American

This is what happens when a totalitarian state seizes power.

Same Author Time Is Running Out To Speak Freely About Free Speech In America

Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated The Death of Dissent; If anyone thinks conditions will improve soon, just wait until this same Justice Department indicts Trump for “inciting” the events of January 6. 

They want to arrest ANYBODY who challenges this illegal regime. Ultimately, I think they plan to kill us. The dehumanizing language, the refusal to prosecute violent BLACK criminals, using street level terror and violence to achieve their ends. We are being made into 21st century kulaks.

We Aren’t Voting Our Way Out of This A Feared Repeat; Given all the other obstacles that Republicans face, it is unrealistic to think they can win the presidency unless they relentlessly address the Democrats’ preferred election arrangements.

See? All Pretense Has Been Abandoned Biden’s Sinister Plan to Rig the 2024 Election for Democrats

Will Robin DiAngelo Be Cancelled Like Scott Adams? White Race Grifter DiAngelo Says Blacks Should ‘Get Away From White People’

Damn White People – The Whole Deck Things that are a racist

The Sexual Revolution Was A Terrible Mistake – We Have to Go Back Why women should stop taking the pill; We must heal our polluted erotic ecologies by rewilding sex

Heathen Women Are Destroying America The War by Women; Trust the science: Bad mothers are behind the explosion of militant LGBT identification.

The Kids Are Not Alright (in Hollywood) Former Child Star Placed On Psychiatric Hold After Wandering L.A. Streets Naked

What are they doing to child actors in Hollywood? I think we all know the answer, but as they won’t release the Epstein client list, nobody will ever be punished for it.

Current Events 03-21-2023

If they do this, then the last lingering shred of the Rule of Law is dead. Nothing is left but violence. We have to secure our own liberties, because the ruling regime has passed all bounds of law. This is very serious.

Current Events 03-20-2023

Show Me The Man, And I’ll Show You the Crime Arresting Trump; Trump’s real crime is that he challenged and undermined the established political order.

Bring It. It’s Time For War. Donald Trump, American Dissident; You cannot expect your base to show up for you on Election Day if they believe you are willing to acquiesce to a rigged system.

He Fights. President Trump, Man in the Arena

And Once He Wins, We Arrest Everybody Indicting Trump Could Get Him Reelected; If an NYC prosecutor cuffs and perp-walks the former president on TV, the latter will win in 2024.

President of Florida – I Like the Sound of That Donald Trump, First President of Florida; Project Deep State needs to remember that it’s not going to be as easy to destroy Trump or to enslave America as it seems to think.

Current Events 03-17-2023

This Is What Maosim Wrought How we forgot about Pol Pot

Never forget. We cannot let them have our country.

Feminism is Satanic Feminism is deeply rooted in Satanism and the occult…

The Sexual Revolution Was a Devilish Lie, And It’s Destroying Our Country How The False Promises Of The Sexual Revolution Created A New Religion

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