Current Events 03-30-2015

There Can Be Only One Four men arrested after sword found in car along with firearm and knife in Ponders End

When you take away all the guns, people will start using swords. It’s a rare month that I don’t read an article about people committing crimes with swords in London or getting caught owning them. Gun control is silly. What’s next: Sword Control? Sharp Stick Control? Rock Control?

Now That’s Cool Biopolymer Derived From Crustaceans Could Combat Military Mortalities

Information Must Be Free Once You Accept File-Sharing Is Here To Stay, You Can Focus On All The Positive Things

Silly copyright lawyers. Trix are for kids.

Perverts Make Poor Politicians Barney Frank, Gay-Rights Warrior

Because if you won’t honor the laws of God and nature, why would you flinch at breaking man’s laws?

Current Events 03-28-2015

Doesn’t It Sort Of Defeat the Purpose of “Going Green” If You Deforest a Whole Lot of Green in the Process? Six Flags to cut 18,000 trees to go solar

You can’t just build more trees in a factory, you know.

Yet Another Oddball Outcome of Global Industrialization The Deadly Global War for Sand

Better Transport Benefits Everybody Russian Oligarch: Let’s Build a Superhighway From Russia to the US

If nothing else, it might mean my brother-in-law has a way to visit other continents that doesn’t involve flying.

Current Events 03-26-2015

Why This? The Sad Decline of Florida’s Space Coast

Because This. 7 surprising things the government spends more money on than space exploration

America’s government is a bloated, expensive boondoggle that is unaccountable to the voters who allegedly gave their consent for it to exist. Our whole society is overpriced, and instead of asking “Why is everything so expensive compared to other countries?”, voters keep voting higher minimum wages and more government benefits, and the fatcats and their pet lobbyists continue lapping up the gravy. Stupid.

Our Government Was Chosen For Us By Prior Generations of Now-Dead Americans Why Mandatory Voting Is a Bad Idea; Freedom means the right to ignore the state and live peacefully.

We are allowed the “Right to Vote” to grant the illusion of consent. Try ignoring anything the government does and you’ll find out in a hurry how great an illusion democracy really is. Mandatory voting is an idea typical of the current regime. The real question should be “Why don’t people vote?” The simple answer: It doesn’t appear to matter. What difference does it make when your vote is overshadowed, in a Presidential election for example, by Florida, Ohio and Colorado? Political strategists know from data mining how the other states will vote, so they can focus on those states instead. Our electoral college guarantees that a few states will dominate the race, because those states have the deciding electoral votes. Smoke and mirrors. That right there is why voter turnout is so low. Add to this the fact that even if you do vote, and your chosen candidate somehow gets himself elected, the courts will abuse judicial review to invalidate nearly anything your candidate does in response to your wishes. In the end, its all just an oligarchy and we, the People, serve its interests.

Piracy Is Armed Insurgents Attacking Ships at Sea and Either Murdering Everybody and Stealing Their Stuff, Or Taking Hostages (And Stealing Their Stuff) Netflix Wants To Make VPN Piracy Obsolete

This is not piracy. It is, rather, a reaction to an artificial system enacted by now obsolete media monopolies to control the flow of entertainment options around the world. If people didn’t have to wait six months to get a movie in a portable, non-theater-based format, and didn’t have to pay a fortune for it, and if they could access it anywhere in the world they pleased, then all this “piracy” would become unnecessary.

Black Racism is Quite Real. The Old Man and the Sea of Black Mob Violence

Democrats Are a Tribe, And Tribalism Has Created the Third World That Hides in the First World’s Cities A Much-Needed Conversation: Liberal Policies and Race

The Rise and Fall of the Online Travel Agency Why It’s Time to Book Travel Directly Again With Hotels, Airlines

Current Events 03-25-2015

We Must Not Cede “Bad” Areas of Town to Bad People Gentrify! No matter what you do, modern liberals will tell you you’re wrong.

When all the decent people move away, that leaves only the people least able to maintain a decent community. This attracts the kind of people who tend to prey on such communities, and within a relatively short time, you have yourself a slum. We have to reverse white-flight, move back in to these areas, and bring our tax dollars with us to improve them. Once you get a nucleus of responsible, bill-paying types, skittish businesses can be attracted to return also. It’s the opposite of the Broken Window Principle.

Science Falsely So Called If It Works, Kill It

We live in an era where “Science”/Religion is often cited to trump whatever elitist neo-Atheists and liberals deem to be unpopular or incorrect. It doesn’t matter whether their position is right or not, because the “Science”/Religion is settled – end of discussion!

History Will Remember The Obama Years Like They Did the Carter and Hoover Years Only Five Hours Left to the Fast

Current Events 03-20-2015

It’s the New Counterculture Why I’m Coming Out as a Christian

“I’m not scared that non-believers will make me feel like an outcast. I’m scared that Christians will.” Yep. Pretty much.

Why Is This Kind of Shakedown Still Legal? How Life360 won its patent war

The Hard Truth About the Democrat Party Of Which Blacks Remain Willfully Ignorant One More for Starbucks: ‘Democrats Oppress Blacks’

And another thing, why are you people wasting money on that swill they sell at Starbucks when you could be buying Dunkin Donuts superior and cheaper coffee? :)

And It Continues to Get Worse, Even in the Western Democracies Report: Christianity Most Persecuted Faith Worldwide