Current Events 11-09-2015

Why Are You People Drinking Their Nasty Burnt Swill, Anyway? Christian evangelists claim Starbucks fanned ‘war on Christmas’ with minimalist holiday red coffee cups 

I think the author of the article means Christian EVANGELICALS. Blasted autocorrect. Seriously, though, why are Christians buying Starbucks anyway? Starbucks is a very open and unashamed supporter of Planned Parenthood and Alphabet Soup (LGBT) rights, including gay marriage. WHY ARE YOU DRINKING THEIR COFFEE!!?? Who cares if they drop a lot of American cultural Christmas icons from their cups. Christmas is not a Christian holiday anyway. It is at best an homage that is loosely attached to the birth of Christ on account of nobody can say with certainty when in the calendar year Jesus was actually birthed (I favor the born in the Spring theory). Not one of our Christmas traditions are either Biblical or Christian, although they gain a sort of “Christiosity” through Christians’ participation. So when a plainly anti-Christian corporation like Starbucks drops their very non-Christian cultural Christmas icons from its cups during the Christmas season, why do we care? For the love of God, people, can’t you see how this very behavior plays into the stereotypes of evangelicals as wild-eyed fundamentalist nut jobs? Don’t waste your money on their overpriced swill. Drink the vastly superior Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton’s, or here’s a thought, find a local roaster/brewer, buy your coffee there and support a local business. 

The Fix Is In Dr. Ben Carson Plays Defense as Biographical Questions Pile Up

Current Events 11-05-2015

Looney Tunes Law Enforcement Two Kids Spotted Playing on a Beach, Cops Arrest Their Parents for Negligence

That’s why when I go on vacation, my vacation destinations are chosen based on one critical criteria: the absence of tourists.

Dude, Everybody Knows You Don’t Take The Last Piece of Chicken Man killed for grabbing last piece of chicken, cops say

And That’s Why It’s Called Homofascism ‘Rumblings’ of Super Bowl Boycott After Houston Equal Rights Measure Rejected

Houston failed to vote the way the LGBT mafia wanted, so know the city has to be punished. The citizens overwhelmingly defeated a bill that would have used the big stick of government policy to enforce homosexualism at the expense of their own free conscience and deeply held religious beliefs. Sexual deviancy is a behavior, and a changeable one at that. It is undeserving of any legal protections whatsoever.

Current Events 11-04-2015

No Child Of Mine ‘Gay’ rape in military underreported by Pentagon

Will Ever Serve in Any Branch Of the Military ‘My Body Was Not Mine, but the U.S. Military’s’

When I was 12, the Navy had an outreach program to youth called the Tiger Program, in which naval personnel could bring their sons on board a nuclear super carrier (in our case the Eisenhower) for a week at sea. It was pure, high-octane awesome (thanks, Dad!), and remains one of the coolest of my childhood memories. 

I remember one day we and several other fathers and sons were sitting in the ready room, and men, Dads, started hauling stacks of pornography out of footlockers and passing it around to their pre-adolescent sons. It was clearly considered a rite of passage. My father, in a room full of his peers and my peers, declined. I have always been so proud of his character.

This is a case in point of the misogynistic culture that prevails within the military. And into this heterosexual cesspool of sexual deviancy, politicians want to ADD homosexual deviancy. It is wickedness, and our government has condoned, even encouraged it, for decades.

Well That Sucks The Jellyfish’s Swimming Secret? It’s a Master of Suction

So Many People That Now May Not Have to Die New Sepsis Detector Shrinks the Diagnosis from Days to Hours