Current Events 05-20-2015

The End of the Bible Belt Pseudo-Christianity How to Kill Christianity

Testify! Is Christianity Dying?

We are not witnessing the demise of Christianity, but rather, the ending of the cultural Christianity that was most common in the Bible Belt. This is the same “Christianity” that tolerated drunkenness, domestic abuse, racism, segregation, and every kind of evil provided your sat your butt in a church pew somewhere on a Sunday morning. By finally ridding ourselves of all the marginal, hypocritical, and Phariseeical “Christians” in our midst, we free ourselves at last for the rise of the very much alive and vibrant Christianity practiced by Jesus and the Apostles. REJOICE! We are the new counter-culture! AND IT’S AWESOME!

In Other News, ISS to Receive Orbital Death Ray :) International Space Station may get laser cannon to vaporize orbital debris

Current Events 05-13-2015

In Other Words, Rational Anarchism Disobey (All But the Most Useful Regulations)! Is America still land of the free?

Or Irish Democracy. Take your pick.

This is why I feel so indifferent to American politics, because both parties are trying to pick my pocket for different purposes, politicians are all the same, and neither party really represents my political philosophy.

And They Still Can’t Balance the Budget $1.89T: Tax Revenue for FY15 Hit Record Through April–Gov’t Runs $282B Deficit

As a nation, why do we continue to tolerate this?


Current Events 05-12-2015

I Wanna Be An Airborne Ranger ‘Something just dropped out of me': Woman, 23, who gave birth on flight from Canada to Japan didn’t know she was 37 weeks pregnant with baby girl

No Surprise None from first-ever group of female soldiers training to be Army Rangers advance through first round

Physically, men and women ARE NOT the same. You’d think with all the twisted sex-ed these liberal types advocate, they’d know this by now. The standards for women in the military are already lower (so much for equality), and even with that, they still cannot train at the same level. There is a reason these elite groups are elite – even most men fail to complete the training regimen. In order to let women join, the training of these groups would be compromised, and in war, that means people die, all to advance some pampered feminist’s agenda who will never have to face combat in her life. So stupid.

There was a time I might have considered letting my sons join the military if they wished to do so – that time has passed. I won’t let my sons become political footballs for a bunch of heathen liberals.

Speaking of Heathen Liberals Salon’s clickbait strategy: The phantom fight against Fox News


It has been a wildly busy week here. Lots of things demanding my attention. In the shuffle of events, I forgot to pay our web hosting bill for the month, so they suspended our account. I have paid them, we’re back in black, every thing is awesome.

Civil War

1) The willful destruction of the black family, particularly in what are, let’s face it, ghettos created by government. 2) The election of a Marxist radical who happens to be black, and who has only made things worse not better. 3) The militarization of the police following 9/11. 

Put it all together, and you get a devil’s brew that will result in civil war if things don’t change. More and more, people are getting the feeling that government doesn’t answer to them anymore. Taxation without representation started this whole deal way back, as you might recall. People are going to form up along tribal lines, and next thing you know, we have ourselves a race war.

As per usual, the government isn’t particularly interested in doing anything to solve these problems. They only care about how they can exploit the situation to their best advantage. I am forced to wonder if this isn’t being blown out of proportion by the President/Commissar in order to justify the nationalization of law enforcement. Then our transformation to a police state will be complete.

For those of you who don’t read or study history, Welcome to the 1970’s!

Current Events 05-07-2015

It Would Change Everything Swatch Wants To Fix The Biggest Problem With Smartwatches

Well Isn’t That… Sweet… (badum bum CHING) This Guy Tendered His Resignation In The Sweetest Way Possible — With A Cake

Haters Gonna Hate Your Beard Is Covered in Bacteria

YEEEHAWWWW! (cue Dixie) The Eshima Ohashi Bridge In Japan Looks Absolutely Terrifying

Honestly. Where Did You Think This Was Heading? Abolish the Family? Or Just Hobble Parents So They Don’t Give Kids ‘Unfair’ Advantages?

If We Allow This to Stand, It is the End of America As We Know It. I Will Not Be Part of Such a Nation. LGBT Undermining of the Constitution, Culture, and Conservatives

Next up, transgender rights, reduction in the age of consent for pedrasty, and who knows, maybe the animal lovers and corpse lovers will be able to come out of that very spacious closet as well. Let’s just keep lengthening that acronym and normalize everything because morality is dead.

20. TRILLION. DOLLARS. Baltimore and Never Enough Money

Imagine if we had instead invested that money in infrastructure and job creation. Maybe we’d ACTUALLY have reduced poverty.

Democrats need blacks poor, ignorant, and emotional, and reliably voting for the same party that once started a Civil War to keep their ancestors enslaved in this country.

The REAL White Experience For Most of Us The ‘white experience’ and me

Boy, talk about institutionalized racism.

Current Events 05-05-2015

Digital Native, Indeed. So Stupid. This is the latest way employers mask age bias, lawyers say

There’s no such thing. It’s all just marketing terminology designed to manipulate people’s politics, fashion, and purchasing decisions so people can sell them things. Like “millennials”. We ought to be members of all generations and none, freely consuming knowledge, experience, and most important, perspective, without being limited by artificial constructs like “generations”. In other words, cultural anarchists. :)

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

So Much For the CSI Effect The FBI’s Forensics Disaster

This is precisely why people don’t trust law enforcement.

Current Events 04-29-2015

No. We Shall Not. ‘We will not obey’: Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage

People chose to rebel against the Supreme Court and resist slavery. They broke the law smuggling slaves to the free North. This is a move by the courts of similar import and consequence. It WILL be used to attack Christians, because it’s already happening. With the “law” on their side, our liberal countrymen will only be made more bold. Coexist really just means compliance.

What Has It Come To When The Only Source For the News Never Reported is a Despicable Racist Rag? In Defense of an Openly Racist Magazine

Baltimore has had a Democrat mayor since 1967. This is a problem of the Left. They destroyed the black family, created a lot of fatherless children in the intercity (like this Faux Marriage case is about to do), and they grew up to become the thugs that we see burning and looting in the streets of Baltimore. This is their problem. We must make them own it. Racism is always wrong, even when perpetrated by minorities, and especially then since the Left seems committed to giving it a pass.

It’s a Religion, You See. This Guy Repented. I’m Out

Current Events 04-28-2014

It’s Easy to Achieve a Consensus When You Suppress All Opposing Viewpoints (Yes, I Know This Is Parody, But It Illustrates a Point) College Encourages Lively Exchange Of Idea; Students, Faculty Invited To Freely Express Single Viewpoint

This Isn’t Protest – It’s Thuggery and Anarchy Exclusive: Dr. Alveda King On Baltimore Riots: MLK Jr. Would ‘Be Heartbroken’

Outlawing Christianity in Any Meaningful Form Tony Perkins: Supreme Court Won’t Settle Same-Sex Marriage Issue

I’m a Centaur Defying Gender