Current Events 09-19-2016

Only Thing Worse? Ignorant Black Liberals Who Keep Voting For the Party of Slavery The Culture Of The Smug White Liberal

They are therefore enablers, propping up the party that exploits and secretly despises them.

Stop the Killing Does the Name Tyshawn Lee Ring a Bell?

Current Events 09-09-2016

The Fix is In The DC Gaslight District

But of Course The Media Is Giving Hillary Clinton a Free Pass

You Know, There’s A Very Simple Way to Never Get STDs Super-gonorrhoea outbreak could be out of control as attempts to stop spread fail

And I wonder whose oh-so-virtuous-cannot-be-questioned lifestyle choices are driving this outbreak?

Among Other Things, They Vote Hillary What happens to society when people stop reading books?

Current Events 09-01-2016

MSM Has Long Ceased Being About Journalism Mainstream Media: Defeat Trump by Attacking His Supporters; First they come after you, then they target your family and business relationships

Think Before Re-Posting The Left is Busily Planting Fake Red-Meat Conservative News Sites

Why Does He Win? Because He Leads A Great Day for Trump

Corrupt Labor Unions. Dinosaurs From of the Past. Breaking the Blue Wall

#NeverHillary Who Is the Real Racist Candidate?

How Many Species Have to Become Extinct Because of China? African Elephant Population Declines By 30 Percent

Your Tax Dollars at Work Minneapolis Police Pay $100 for Piece of Wood, Pipe During Gun Buyback

The local media probably thought it was an assault rifle.

Australia Has Weaponized Snakes Australia is beautiful: See a hawk literally throw a snake at an innocent family

Enemies of Progress That Crazy Hyperloop Lawsuit Just Got Even Nastier

Current Events 08-29-2016

Who Then Takes the Form of Your Worst Fear. Nope. South Carolina parents warned about clown ‘trying to lure children into the woods’

Facepalm As national parks mark milestone, visitor misbehavior abounds

The Gravy Train Is Nearly Finished The Nuclear Option: Trump the Issues-Oriented Candidate, Clinton the Platform-less Celebrity

Womens’ Liberation Hasn’t Been Very Liberating How To Make Women Happy: Uninvent The Washing Machine And The Pill

Being a Mom should not be degraded.

Current Events 08-28-2016

We Own Ourselves Frederick Douglass on Capitalism, Slavery, and the ‘Arrant Nonsense’ of Socialism

The right to own property, to speak, to think, to worship, to produce wealth – this is the backbone of our egalitarian society. When government owns the land and the means of creating wealth, then no one is free.

Making Friends and Influencing People NIGEL FARAGE: Trump was MY warm-up man… but I gave him a bounce – and he’ll be new Ronald Reagan

Trump is not the monster the media wants him to be.

Nationalism ≠ Racism The 491: Is the Alt-Right Racist? Or is it nationalist?

All of the nations I have visited (I have been to many) all have their national identity and culture that they wish to protect from foreign intrusion. They enforce this through the application of immigration laws and policies. Why should America be any different?

Sin Produces Death The Entire ‘LGBT’ Narrative Just Crumbled

If we declare as a society that people with substance addictions are really only “Chemically Enhanced” and then start having Chemical Pride rallies and demonizing anybody that views their lifestyle choices as a treatable disease, then we doom these people to never getting the help they need. That’s what we’ve done with gender politics in this country. The Bible correctly identifies sexual perversion as sin, and sin produces death. It kills everything. When we aid and abet sin, we aren’t helping, we are hurting, and the medical data backs this up.

Current Events 08-26-2016

#BlackGunsMatter ‘Black Guns Matter’ Founder: NRA Stood with Blacks When Democrats Attacked in 1960s

Energy Independence Is the Future of America, and Hillary Wants to Kill That Future More on what will make Donald a great president amid real political climate change.

H-1B = Indentured Servitude Why Trump Has Been Right and Silicon Valley Wrong on H-1B Visas

Indeed Have More Kids. It’s Good For the Planet

Current Events 08-23-2016

Canada Expresses Concern at Upsurge in American “Boat-People” Hundreds of Americans wash up illegally in Canada after river party

George Soros: The Conspirator Behind All the Conspiracy Theories Our World: Soros’s campaign of global chaos

Continuing His Campaign of Corrupting the American Electoral Process Leaked Docs: Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018

The Very Definition of Homfascism EXCLUSIVE: London’s LGBT Police Are Harassing Non-PC Twitter Users, Naming Family Members In Tweets

But then, fascism and homosexuality have always been two sides of the same coin.

Want to Beat America? Stop Whining and Play Better Basketball Team USA Basketball Director: Other National Teams Need to ‘Get Their Acts Together’

Current Events 08-22-2016

Whenever There’s a Close Election, Dems Will Cheat to Try to Tip the Vote Poll: 52 percent of Republicans call voter fraud major problem in 2016

‘Nuff Said How Not To Betray Your Country This November

Well-Meaning Fools Trump and Logic vs #NeverTrump and Suicide

The Dissolving of the Female Gender – You Don’t Get More Anti-Feminist Than That What has the world in store next?

Current Events 08-21-2016

It Wasn’t Atheists or Deists Who Abolished Slavery How easily we forget who first opposed slavery.

Besides, America has merely exported slavery to countries that have no 13th Amendment. We have sidestepped the issue, and reap the benefits of near slave labor on the sly.

Truth is a Bitter Pill Why Feminists Hate Scripture So Much