Current Events 10-21-2016

We Are The New Counter-Culture An Establishment in Panic

The Visigoths are coming. It’s time to burn it all down.

This Is All You Need to Know About Hillary Partial-Birth Murder Is What Truly Disqualifies Hillary

Trump Is Not Exaggerating – This Is Our Last Chance Hillary’s Plot Against America

Current Events 10-18-2016

Of Course It’s Rigged. Finally We Have a Candidate Who Says as Much and Fights Back. Is the System Rigged? You Betcha.

No Political Free Speech in Silicon Valley Peter Thiel is at the center of a Silicon Valley storm after backing Donald Trump with $1.25 million

Fools Hillary’s Enablers

We Won’t Get Another Chance Like This in Our Lifetimes Trump’s Invisible Shield

If you don’t vote, or you vote for somebody else, and Clinton wins this, you are responsible for everything that follows, and I will never let you forget it.

Current Events 10-14-2016

Such Things Don’t Matter At All To Liberals Until Suddenly They Do The Clintons’ suddenly puritanical praetorian guard turn out to be the Nina Burleighs.

Trump apologized. Clinton never did, and lectured Americans who thought he should. Hillary says you should believe the victim, unless it hurts her political chances, in which case the “bimbos” must be destroyed.

Current Events 10-13-2016

Resign, Mr. Speaker An Open Letter to Speaker Paul Ryan: It’s time to leave.

This is not new. It’s been building since Mitt Romney’s Dad sabotaged Barry Goldwater’s campaign back in 1964, and gave us LBJ, the Vietnam War, and the War on Poverty. The country club class that has ruled unchecked within the GOP since Reagan is finally being challenged aggressively and decisively.  It’s time for you to go. It’s time for all of you sorry lot to go.

Current Events 10-10-2016

Pot Meet Kettle America, You Have No Right to Judge Donald Trump

What Trump said was foolish. Not something I would ever say or participate in saying. I’ve been around plenty of guys who do this kind of thing, and it’s just a lot of alpha male bragging about sexual exploits that probably didn’t happen in reality. What Bill Clinton did was disgusting and vile, and the media and the Democrat party covered for him and then lectured us about how a President’s “private life” doesn’t matter. They have ZERO moral authority here. This is fake outrage and hypocritical moralizing from a nation that doesn’t bat an eye at the butchery of the unborn and the sale of their corpses.

This Is Not a Man – It’s a Movement The little people have had enough – not just here, but in America too

Trump supporters aren’t only voting for Trump – they are voting for what he represents.

Current Events 10-03-2016

Thoughtcrime is death The Orwellian Bullying of Donald Trump

Tired of Feeling Your Vote Doesn’t Matter? Vote Trump In a Neighborhood of Gangs: The Warrant for Trump

That’s Really Cool, But Of Course I’m Wondering, Where’s the Dinosaurs and/or Cave Mutants? World’s deepest underwater cave still has no bottom

Current Events 09-19-2016

Only Thing Worse? Ignorant Black Liberals Who Keep Voting For the Party of Slavery The Culture Of The Smug White Liberal

They are therefore enablers, propping up the party that exploits and secretly despises them.

Stop the Killing Does the Name Tyshawn Lee Ring a Bell?

Current Events 09-09-2016

The Fix is In The DC Gaslight District

But of Course The Media Is Giving Hillary Clinton a Free Pass

You Know, There’s A Very Simple Way to Never Get STDs Super-gonorrhoea outbreak could be out of control as attempts to stop spread fail

And I wonder whose oh-so-virtuous-cannot-be-questioned lifestyle choices are driving this outbreak?

Among Other Things, They Vote Hillary What happens to society when people stop reading books?

Current Events 09-01-2016

MSM Has Long Ceased Being About Journalism Mainstream Media: Defeat Trump by Attacking His Supporters; First they come after you, then they target your family and business relationships

Think Before Re-Posting The Left is Busily Planting Fake Red-Meat Conservative News Sites

Why Does He Win? Because He Leads A Great Day for Trump

Corrupt Labor Unions. Dinosaurs From of the Past. Breaking the Blue Wall

#NeverHillary Who Is the Real Racist Candidate?

How Many Species Have to Become Extinct Because of China? African Elephant Population Declines By 30 Percent

Your Tax Dollars at Work Minneapolis Police Pay $100 for Piece of Wood, Pipe During Gun Buyback

The local media probably thought it was an assault rifle.

Australia Has Weaponized Snakes Australia is beautiful: See a hawk literally throw a snake at an innocent family

Enemies of Progress That Crazy Hyperloop Lawsuit Just Got Even Nastier