Current Events 02-12-2016

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Trump, Sanders and the American Rebellion; As institutions lose respect, voters think: Let’s take a chance.

We Have Not Seen The Real Trump That Clever Mr. Trump

Irrelevant, Because It Is No Longer Free Twitter’s Restraint of Conservative Speech Is Why It Is Failing

A No-Brainer Senate passes permanent ban on Internet access taxes

This Is Why We Used To Fight Against Monopolies Pray That The New York Times Loses This Stupid Copyright Case

As Long As Crazy People Keep Shooting Up Public Places, I Would Say YES Should civilians be allowed to wear bullet proof vests?

Current Events 02-11-2015

The Democrats Do Not Deserve the Black Vote ‘The Nation’: ‘Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote’

Why do black people vote for the party of slavery, segregation, and black genocide (abortion kills more black babies than any other demographic)? Here is a link to a pdf of the full article, since the original is behind a paywall: Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote The woman, who is a progressive, does have a point. Why DO we have so many prisons, and why are so many Americans incarcerated? Prison doesn’t fix anything. It just makes casual criminals into hardened criminals, and it sets the imprisoned on a path to destruction from which they and their families never recover. Big Prison is yet another massive, money-consuming government boondoggle that operates in tandem with The War on Drugs. In fact, it is a war on the American people.

Current Events 02-04-2016

Establishment Tool La Opinión: Marco Rubio Is a ‘Republican Obama’

Here’s A Novel Idea, Instead of Waging War On Americans Using Drugs, How About Waging Actual War on the Mexicans Manufacturing and Selling Them the Drugs? Heroin: Blame It on America

Hillary For Prison The Ground Under Clinton Continues to Crumble

Why Are We the Most Incarcerated Nation On Earth? Because of Our Stupid “War” On Drugs Denmark doesn’t treat its prisoners like prisoners — and it’s good for everyone

The Guy Who Provided the Backdrop For My Childhood The Man Who Made The Whac-A-Mole Has One More Chance

Current Events 02-03-2016

African Presidents Are Presidents in Name Only Bill Clinton’s ‘New Generation’ of African Leaders Mostly Still Around in 2016

In Uganda, there is no respect for the Rule of Law, and why should there be? Their own “President” has no regard for law himself.

It Will Make For Most Interesting Theater Donald and Bernie: The Outer Borough Brothers

As Americans, we keep electing lawyers, to disastrous effect. Why not try something different, for once?

Current Events 01-30-2016

Today, No Political News

Unlikely. We’re Not God. Will Machines Eliminate Us?

Horror Movie Absurd Creature of the Week: This Toad Isn’t Eating a Bug. The Bug Is Eating It

Now for T-Rex’s Zebra cousin went extinct 100 years ago. Now, it’s back

The Pope Had a Pet Elephant Why is an elephant buried under the Vatican?

The Ancients Were Far More Advanced Than Anyone Cares to Admit Babylonians tracked Jupiter with sophisticated geometrical math; Used geometry that hints at calculus 1,500 years before Europeans.

Current Events 01-28-2016

We Are Vulnerable Because Environmentalists Have Made Us Vulnerable Why the United States is so vulnerable to the alarming spread of Zika virus

Maybe once some American infants have been deformed, then these ignorant jackasses will finally start implementing some mosquito controls.

This Is Just Stupid Proposed State Bans on Phone Encryption Make Zero Sense

Trump Refusing to Play the “Game” How Donald Trump Beat Roger Ailes at His Own Game

Public “Education” Is Just Another Government Slush Fund Exclusive: Former Houghton Mifflin Exec Reveals How Pearson Unfairly Won the LAUSD iPad Deal

Current Events 01-27-2016

The Modern Day PC Commissars Want to Co-Opt the Civil Rights Movement U of Oregon Debates Removing MLK Quote For Not Being Inclusive Enough

I’ll say it again: homosexuality, fornication, and adultery are sin. Diversity is Soviet code language for statist enforcement of an anti-Christian, atheist hegemony. The Ministry of Truth has to correct history to make sure we don’t ever encounter ideas that contradict the Party line. Personally, I think Mr. King would be disgusted with all this diversity (he was a Reverend after all), and how race baiters and panderers have hijacked his movement for their own ends.

Massive Government Boondoggle Presidential Candidates Rushing to Support Ethanol Subsidies Ahead of Iowa Caucus

King Corn is killing America, one mouthful and one tank of “gas” at a time. We are literally burning food to fuel our SUVs, while poor nations that could use that cheap food starve. And it doesn’t even help the environment.

I’m Starting to Suspect We Have a Trojan Horse Here Trump and the Rise of the Donor Class

You can’t get a more ringing endorsement than what Cruz has received from the Donor Class – they would rather deal with Trump than see him elected. I want a Conservative President who will NEVER deal with Democrats. I want a Conservative who will carpet bomb the political establishment and behave like a majority party for a change.

Current Events 01-26-2016

Skeletons in the Liberal Closet The Dark History of Liberal Reform

Because most people don’t study history, or really read all that much, they are probably unaware of what has happened in the recent past. They are unaware of the progressives in the early 20th century who admired German fascism from afar, and dreamed of suspending the Bill of Rights in order to impose their own order on society. They have forgotten that before they were called Planned Parenthood, they were called the American Eugenics Society, and were dedicated to genocide, government mandated sterilization for “undesirables”, and the limiting of reproduction for “inferiors”. They are blind to the history of the Democratic party, which were the perpetrators of Jim Crow, because blacks have to be controlled. They buy into the religion of sciencism, and refuse to remember that before Hitler made it unfashionable, institutionalized racism and eugenics were all the rage among America’s progressive elites. They just go right along with the party line, not aware of the evil philosophical legacy of the liberals whom they support.

Current Events 01-25-2016

Attercop! Attercop! Meet the spiders that have formed armies 50,000 strong

I’m For That Why GOP Elites Prefer Trump to Cruz

If the elites prefer Trump, then they must believe they can deal with him. I want a guy in there who will never deal. I don’t want to negotiate with the elites. I want them destroyed. I want their influence in Washington eradicated. We can really use an “existential threat” in the White House.

Current Events 01-18-2016

Business as Usual The State of the Union Is Divided—as Usual

Despicable Spot Where Salem ‘Witches’ Were Hanged Identified

The Puritans were a fundamentalist sect of Christianity that separated from the Anglican church and came to America to build their own theocracy, which they did in Massachusetts. They did not require personal conversion through faith in Jesus Christ, which they derided as “experimental religion”, so their churches were filled with unregenerate people who were considered members of the “elect” because they’d had water dribbled on their foreheads as a baby. They were vicious persecutors of anybody who they deemed to be “different”. This included the Baptists, who believed in independent congregations, a membership of regenerate Christians, baptism only for the saved (they denied infant baptism), and that congregations should be allowed to choose their own leadership. The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights was formed at the behest of Baptist preachers and was intended among other things to secure protections for religious freedom, such that groups like the Puritans would not be permitted to extend their brand of theocracy to the new republic. The Salem Witch trials are only one atrocity among many for this evil group of separatist fundamentalists who falsely claimed allegiance to Jesus Christ.

Yet Another Outrageous Government Boondoggle 5 Reasons Why Our F-35s Are Too Dangerous to Fly

Boeing’s design was better. Lockheed got the contract through the usual process of graft and outright lies.