Current Events 03-03-2015

Time to Get on the Encrypted Communications Train Folks, Because… There’s Now A Free iPhone App That Encrypts Calls And Texts

They’re Spying On Everything Internet at a Crossroads; How Government Surveillance Threatens How We Communicate

Herbert West and Mary Shelley Have Both “Liked” The Idea Full-Body Transplants Are A Crazy, Wildly Unethical Idea

Let the Age of Universal USB Connectors Commence! New SanDisk Flash Drive Features USB Type-C Connector, Ready For 12-inch MacBook Air

Because Cities Shouldn’t Have to Suck Welcome to the Rural Town That Wants to Build a Hyperloop Utopia

It Would Be Nice. I’d Buy A Version Suitable For Running. Why It’s Time To Buy Wireless Headphones

Over-regulation Has Crippled Innovation and Handed Government Unprecedented Power I Want a President Who’ll Dump the Stupid FCC

Current Events 03-02-2015

Brave New World South Carolina college: We didn’t put a ban on being gay

Of course they didn’t, for the same reason they haven’t banned leprechauns or unicorns: they don’t exist. This is another example of what I have long thought: once a majority is gained, the need to “co-exist” will end and forcible compliance will commence. This is indicated by the token-“gay”-test-case-initiator’s statement that he looks forward to “progressing towards a future where everyone can be treated as an equal.” That is doublespeak for “we will outlaw, bully, and ultimately jail all opposition until only the state-approved viewpoint remains.” And in an odd juxtaposition, all I can think of right now is King Theoden’s speech to Sarumon about “peace”. 

And I Am Now A Giant, Purple, Spotted Snorklewacker Who the hell is Chelsea Manning?

Gender is determined at conception. Wishing won’t change it, and neither will surgery or hormone therapy. Aiding and abetting those suffering from gender disassociation is neither compassionate nor helpful.

Current Events 02-24-2015

Nobody Gets a Pass on Racism, Regardless of the Melanin Concentration God Gave Them The Left’s War on White America

Tyranny FCC Republicans launch last-ditch effort to sink net neutrality plan

Whenever proposed new laws are not subject to public review (i.e. Affordable Healthcare Act), it is because the proposed law contains things the politicians KNOW will cause the bill to never pass. Didn’t we fight a war once over that, something about representation and taxation?

Why Is This Surprising? Lesbian Admits She Wants Her Daughter To Be Gay

Homosexuality has always been Nurture, not Nature. This is precisely what opponents of Faux-Marriage and “Gay Adoption” have been saying all along. Perversion can’t reproduce under normal circumstances, so recruitment is the only option. Once we allow perverts to adopt, or buy babies (slavery), they have a captive mind that can be warped, and the result is, to quote the Bible, an abomination.

They Are An Anachronism That Have Only Succeeded In Driving Up Costs and Sending All Our Manufacturing Jobs Overseas 50 Years Of Shrinking Union Membership, In One Map

Current Events 02-23-2015

This is Only Symptomatic of the Bigger Issue Oscar protest planned over all-white nominees

The bigger issue is that Oscars are not earned – they are granted. The Academy is an oligarchy of old white guys who grant Oscars to whomever they deem worthy. And these yahoos want to make it worse by injecting affirmative action into the mix? Lame.

The Solution At Last Hooray for FrankenMosquitoes in the Florida Keys!

Mosquitos are parasites, that carry other parasites. It’s high time we made their whole species extinct.

Current Events 02-18-2015

Oopsy! Krispy Kreme runs ‘KKK Wednesday’ – social media gaffe aligns doughnut peddler with white supremacists

New Picture of England’s Own Monica Lewinsky Found Possible Anne Boleyn portrait found using facial recognition software

This Is Not News Millennials ditching their TV sets at a record rate

We are not talking talking about the abandonment of the television screen, but how it is used. If you want any kind of home theater, you need a large screen, preferably wall-mounted. If you want to game, gaming looks cooler on a larger screen. However, the idea that you need a 3rd party to charge you to organize your viewing schedule remotely, package it with a liberal spritzing of advertising, and deliver this to your home via cables, is a dinosaur. I personally have not had “television” for years. Once I discovered Usenet and built my first UnRAID server, I was free to download all my programming via the internet. If you happen to live in North America, there are multiple streaming options available, if you’d rather not have to learn how to use any new technology.

I have an UnRAID server, an array of five SATA hard drives and one SSD used for caching. This holds all the data for our family (pictures, home videos, TV, movies, music, and miscellaneous data). This is connected to a MacMini, which runs Plex. This connects to our TV and speaker system, which thanks to a Harmony remote to tie everything together, provides a very user-friendly GUI, similar to what you see when you browse video on Netflix. All of us have iPads. The Plex app transforms all of them into portable televisions, so each child can (when we allow them screen time) watch what they want when they want to see it. Gone forever are the scheduling conflicts that my generation had to endure (the old Knight Rider vs. Dukes of Hazzard debate). The server handles downloading of new shows as they come out. It also runs Madsonic, which streams our immense music library to these same devices. With the use of a UE Boom, we can have pleasant music playing in any room of the house, and the kids can listen to whatever they like via headphones. Most recently, I set up a Calibre server on the MacMini with nearly 800 books and short stories, so the kids have a vast digital library of reading material which, once again, they access on their tablet. I have moved us to pure, localized, digital content, versus the old analog models that were once your only choice. It’s efficient. It’s convenient. And it’s very, very cool.

America Needs Competent Leadership. That’s It. We Have Not Had it For 8 Years, And It’s Killing People. What a Statesman would do Today

Current Events 02-07-2014

I Haven’t Worn A Watch Since the 90’s. This May Change That. How Leatherman Made That Amazing Multi-Tool You Wear on Your Wrist

Simply being able to have tools with me that TSA won’t steal is awesome enough to wear the band alone, with or without a watch face.

Because Why Not!? Unbelievable. ‘Amnesty Bonuses’ in Tax Code: Illegal Immigrants to Receive Earned Income Tax Credit; Could cost ‘more than $24,000 to those who receive deferred action’

Exploiting Religion and Civilization to Keep Getting Paid The Non-Warm and Fuzzy Guide to Understanding Terrorism

These organizations are parasites and impediments to the advance of civilization. There is only one right response to parasites.

Current Events 02-06-2014

I Think This is More a Case of Black Racism Than White Privilege The Real White Privilege and My Radio Race War

Ignoring Science is Their Defining Characteristic When Liberals Ignore Science

Because They Want to Be the Only Ones With the Drones Why the US Government Is Terrified of Hobbyist Drones

Or Maybe Stop Using Antibiotics in and For Every Thing How To Fight Superbugs: Start Spending Money

OH NO!! Have They Set a Date!? North Korea Threatens US With ‘Final Doom’

In Other News, The Sky is Blue and Water is Wet ‘If you dress like a lady you will be treated like a lady': The controversial Miss Vintage UK who claims that women who dress like Miley Cyrus encourage men to take advantage

Current Events 02-04-2015

I Am NOT an Anti-Vaxxer – I’m What You Could Call a Delay-Vaxxer Rand Paul: ‘The State Doesn’t Own Your Children’

I don’t think it is either wise or effective to give newborns a pile of vaccines all at once. Their immature immune systems are not capable of generating as strong an immune response as they can when they are older – hence the need for so many booster shots. It also makes them very sick (it did ours, the one time I let myself be pressured into giving the vaccines). If a baby is breastfed, as they should be, then they get their immunities from their mother. If you wait until they are 1 or 2 years old, and just follow the recommended shot schedule from the CDC (, the shots are properly staggered, and you also don’t need so many. If your wife is opting to be a mother as opposed to shifting the responsibility to daycare, then this greatly reduced exposure, coupled with the breastfeeding, means you can safely wait to give the vaccines.

I absolutely understand why the State would want to mandate vaccines, since there are all these wackadoo anti-vaxxer nutters running about with their non-vaccinated kids putting all the rest of us at risk. At the same time, I do not appreciate the none-too-subtle threat of prosecution or calling DFS that you get when you inform your pediatrician, politely but firmly, that you prefer to wait until the child is a little older before giving the vaccines. This is why I tend to take a more Libertarian stance on this – they are MY children, not the Government’s. I advise those of you currently starting up your families to find yourself an OB and a pediatrician who is in agreement with you on this and will back your play.

Oswald Was a Mentally Unstable Man Who Was Given a Vital Nudge By Agents of the Cuban Government He Met at a Fateful Party in Mexico City – It Was Castro’s Reprisal For Repeated Failed Assassination Attempts By the CIA What the Warren Commission Didn’t Know

The cover-up was the various agencies going into full CYA mode since they had intelligence that could have prevented Kennedy’s assassination but which, like the 9/11 attacks, they ignored.

Yet Another Example of How the “War” on Drugs Has Decimated Civil Liberties How Uncle Sam Became a Bank Robber; Civil forfeiture and money laundering laws let the IRS seize the accounts of legitimate businesses.