Shame on You, U.S. Government, For Forbidding Us to See All This Cool Stuff – They Should Be Made Into Museums The Cold War Relics Three Photographers Are Documenting Before They Disappear


Most of Our Clothes Are Made in Sweatshops – What We Give to Goodwill Comes to Africa Shopper Discovers ‘Cry for Help’ Label Stitched into Primark Dress


It’s Only Racism When Directed At Blacks or Latinos Bus System Discriminates Against White Angelenos


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History. It Informs the Present So You (Maybe) Avoid Repeating Stupid Things. Why Black Americans Should Vote Republican


I will never understand how any “black” person would willingly continue voting for the Democratic party that once enslaved their ancestors, fought a bloody Civil War to keep them enslaved, and when that failed, enacted a hundred years of repression and persecution throughout their political strongholds in the South. It’s like Jews voting for a pro-Nazi candidate, or some kind of mass Stockholm syndrome. It makes zero sense.


The Fountains of the Deep Scientists discover an ocean 400 miles beneath our feet that could fill our oceans three times over


Where, WHERE, could all that water for the flood have come from?


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Cultural Suicide on a Grand Scale Dissolving the Institution of Marriage


First legalization. Then “normalization”. Lastly, compulsion. Then come the pogroms.


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You’ve All Been Hoodwinked… Everything We Think We Know About Marriage and Divorce is Wrong


Bamboozled… Gays Gone Wild: Life in America after the Ball is Over


All the rationales, all the justifications, in which we, the rational, thinking segment of the American populace were assured, and when that failed, bullied into believing that all this perversion is nothing to get excited about (Please disperse, nothing to see here!) WAS ALL A LIE!! People. If God says it’s wrong, it is. End of discussion.


I’m With Sharpton On This One Al Sharpton: ‘Why Is Africa Ignored?’


It Long Ago Stopped Being “News” Rush Limbaugh: CNN Not Even Pretending To Do News


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The Rise of the New Evil Empire – Atheist America Vladimir Putin Caesar and Our Great Geo-political Turning Point


The Backlash Is Coming Whose Side Is God on Now?


Do you really think Christian, Orthodox, and Muslim nations are going to simply bow to the decadent, atheist, sodomite West?



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This Right Here Should End One Presidency and Disqualify Another – And Yet It Won’t Benghazi attack could have been prevented if US hadn’t ‘switched sides in the War on Terror’ and allowed $500 MILLION of weapons to reach al-Qaeda militants, reveals damning report


Note To Islamist Militants: You may now attack American embassies and murder American diplomats with impunity.


Global Warming Means More Food, Better Health For All, and Booming Economies – Ice Is Death 2014: The Year Without Summer



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The Illusion of Liberty Meet the 2016 Republican Nominee


Wonder Where All the Mass Graves For the Unwanted Unborn Children Are Located? One million buried in mass graves on forbidden New York island


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Still Racist, Still Facist, Still Dangerous – Don’t Let Japan Whitewash the Past Anne Frank and Japanese Divine Race Theory


If You’re Religious, You Can’t Incorporate DOJ: Free Exercise Clause Does Not Protect Kosher Meat Companies


As Usual, It’s All About the Benjamins The Creationism in Schools Distraction


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Kind of Makes You Want to Apologize to the Confederacy If You Don’t Want a SWAT Team at Your Door, You Shouldn’t Be Drinking Tea


Out of Control Federal Power, Massacre of American Citizens on American Soil Sacred And Profane How not to negotiate with believers.


Two things for which I will never forgive the Clinton regime: 1) the Rwandan genocide 2) the Waco massacre. In the latter case, I have no doubt law enforcement created that firestorm. They may not have done so intentionally, but they created the conditions. There is no justice.


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