Current Events 11-26-2014

Transparent Legal scholars praise Ferguson grand jury for fairness beyond the norm

There is no conspiracy.

This Is All Staged Ferguson violence broke the mold in three ways — one of which is just unfolding now

Are we to believe that all this “outrage” is still about Michael Brown? Seems to me its more about taking advantage of a tragedy in order to justify violence and looting. The same thing happened with Trayvon.

Obama Is the Worst Race Hustler of Them All Carson: Race Relations Worse Under Obama

Current Events 11-25-2014

Angry Mob Threatens Violence if They Don’t Get the Ruling They Want No indictment for Ferguson officer

The purpose of the grand jury is to verify the facts. The facts do not support the racist propaganda being bandied about by race hustlers and mob agitators in Ferguson. The evidence is undeniable – the officer was telling the truth.

What Was He On? Ferguson Witnesss Told Investigators That Michael Brown Charged Cop “Like a Football Player. Head Down”

Where is the rage for the likely black drug dealer that sold Michael Brown the drugs that turned him into a violent nutjob that night? What about his peers, who led him down the wrong path? How about his mother, who either knew what he was into and did nothing, or was just ignorant? How about his absent father, who wasn’t there for his son, so the kid was raised by his peers? What about the so-called “black community”, which remains strangely tolerant of black-on-black violence, drugs, fornication, and unwed mothers? No. It’s easier to blame “whitey” than to take responsibility for your own problems.

Indeed. Giuliani: White Cops ‘Wouldn’t Be There’ If Blacks Weren’t ‘Killing Each Other’

We have police to maintain the peace. Why are we angry when they are found guilty of doing the thing we hired them to do? Why does nobody consider it racist to assume guilt because the officer happened to be white?

Get Out Your Aluminum Foil Hats Regin: The super-spyware the security industry has been silent about; NSA fingered as likely source of complex malware family

Current Events 11-24-2014

Precisely Cosby’s Last Act

It Is One Aspect of A Larger Effort to “De-Christianize” Western Civilization Vatican: Attacks on Marriage a ‘Suicide of Humanity Itself’

Well It’s About Time HBO Prepping Bombshell Scientology Film From Oscar Winner

Simple. Too Bad Government Hates Simple. A Better Solution to America’s Immigration Problem

And Why We Have To Wait Six Months To Get Anything on BluRay The U.S. Court Case That Made Movie Theater Concessions So Expensive

Current Events 11-22-2014

Vile The Undoing of Bill Cosby

It angers me, that he could do these things for so long and get away with it. It angers me, because I admired and respected the man. I am cruelly and bitterly disappointed, and outraged, and disgusted all at the same time. I don’t expect perfection from my heroes – far from it. I do expect that they don’t turn out to be serial rapists.

Double Standards Bill Cosby: Why Now?

America elected a serial rapist President for two terms. He suited the agenda of powerful people, so the victims were slandered and character assassinated and the media refused to talk about it. I can’t help but wonder why Cosby has become an issue now all these years later? I think Cosby’s stubborn respectability and success don’t suit the current political climate, which needs blacks to remain compliant victims, counted on to vote Democrat when the need arises. Democrats can’t have black people being educated, successful, and needing nothing from anyone, least of all government. Now that Cosby has provided his enemies with the means to destroy him, who will represent the ideal of the proud, no excuses, educated, well-spoken black American?

New and Improved

I finally figured out how to de-obfuscate the url’s for King Features comics, so that means that once again, Sherman’s Lagoon takes its rightful place on The Daily Comic page. Also, I am now getting the higher resolution comics, so you’ll be able to read them a little easier on those retina screens.

Current Events 11-21-2014

Most Intriguing How Splitting A Computer Into Multiple Realities Can Protect You From Hackers

Un. Be. Lievable. Barbie F*cks It Up Again

I apologize for the language in the article, but I imagine the authoress was rather angry when she wrote. Rightly so.

What Happened to SEPARATION OF POWERS!!!??? Ted Cruz: ‘We Are Unfortunately Witnessing a Constitutional Crisis’

What about the people who worked and sacrificed to become legal citizens or residents of the United States!? What a slap in the face. This is nothing less than rewarding the lawless. What incentive do these people have to assimilate, to learn our language, or respect the laws and traditions of our nation? NONE. We have just told them that none of this matters. What nation on Earth allows such a flood of immigrants to water down the character and unity of its civilization? Nobody. Not even Mexico. What do we owe these people? Not a thing. If their nation is so screwed up that they no longer want to live there, then it is THEIR PROBLEM – NOT OURS. We are under zero obligation to fix their problems. Go home and make a better country where you live – don’t export your problems to ours. 

Bringing the 3rd World to the 1st World Ferguson: From Amnesty To Anarchy

Why are 3rd world countries 3rd world countries? There are a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is this: no regard for the rule of law. Laws only apply to those who lack the money or connections to bribe their way to the outcome they desire. Laws certainly do not apply to the government ministers who create them. Presidents behave like Kings. Just as Obama has done. He is making America a 3rd world country.

Yet Another Miserable, and in This Case Filthy, Boondoggle Created By Environmentalism Hand dryers ‘splatter’ users with bacteria, scientists warn

Current Events 11-20-2014

Let’s Be Real – The New 52 Sucks. Badly. And It Needs to Go. What Is Going on With DC Comics’ Super Confusing Convergence?

Yes. Religious Conservatives Look to Get Out of the Civil Marriage Business

<Facepalm> High schooler suspended after preaching claims religious persecution, sues

This is not the way to win folks to Christ.

Queen Obvious Malaria Even More Deadly Than Ebola, Says Queen

Ebola hasn’t killed millions and never will. Malaria has.

Current Events 11-19-2014

I Guess “Care” Means “Kill” PETA accused of snatching a pet dog from family’s front yard, driving it away and then KILLING it – before returning with a fruit basket to apologize

But hey – free fruit basket!

I Think We Could All Use Some Global Warming All 50 States Hit Freezing Temperatures Or Below

“Climate Change” hysteria and “Climate Science” are all about weaker, poorer, socialist nations limiting the growth of stronger, wealthier, capitalist nations.

Current Events 11-17-2014

We Must Overcome the Old Industrial Hegemony The Copyright Monopoly Wars Are About To Repeat, But Much Worse

True Environmentalism (i.e. Preserving and Maintaining the Environment) Is Very Biblical, Not Like Today’s Very Red Greenies John Muir’s legacy questioned as centennial of his death nears

Superior Engineering iOS is twice as memory-efficient as Android. Here’s why.

You can’t match the engineering of Apple hardware. You can quibble over software all you like, but the superiority of the hardware is clear. 

Is There Anything About This Man That Isn’t Fake? Barack Obama is political king of the fake Twitter followers, with more than 19.5 MILLION online fans who don’t really exist