Current Events 08-31-2015

Man Can’t Compete With Nature A Volcanic Eruption That Reverberates 200 Years Later

The trend is not towards global warming, but global COOLING. Warming, when it occurs, is a byproduct of fluctuations in solar activity. Warming is a good thing overall, as it creates longer growing seasons, which means more food, which means less disease due to better nutrition. As you can see, volcanic eruptions have a much larger impact on climate. When these occur, the largest ones cause harsher winters, but the effect is temporary, in this case three seasons. If you really want to blame something for climate change, blame the Planet, not Mankind.

Case in Point Flashback: ABC News Envisioned Apocalyptic 2015 Triggered By Climate Change

This has to be the worst hoax since Darwinian Evolution. “Climate Change” isn’t science – it’s an Article of Faith for Academia.

Current Events 08-26-2015

And God Facepalms I Can’t Stop Reading One-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks

I have been to many of these places. They are an example of one of America’s best ideas – preserve areas of pristine natural beauty for future generations to enjoy. They are magnificent places where one can fully appreciate the grandeur and the diversity of God’s creative genius. And these bugwits complain. Unbelievable.

That Right There Is Why You Must Locally Source Your Meat and Grind It Yourself That Ground Beef You’re Eating Isn’t Actually Beef

Grinding your own is cheaper, healthier, and far more hygienic because you remain in control of the whole process. If you are not a farmer or a rancher, then it is to your best advantage to get to know some and buy your meat and produce direct from them. This cuts out the middlemen (supermarkets), reduces price greatly, and allows you direct control of the food you shovel into your gullet.

Common Sense The Black Lives Matter policy agenda is practical, thoughtful — and urgent

Well done Campaign Zero. Finally a plan, as opposed to angry mobs whipped up by race baiters and political hustlers. This plan ignores race entirely, and simply focuses on policy changes that would benefit everyone. Love it.

Pot and Kettle The Fox News Freakout Over Donald Trump’s Misogyny Is Total Equine Excrement

This Is Why the Stylus is An Outmoded and Stupid Accessory to Handheld Devices Do Not Stick the Stylus in the Note 5 Backwards. Seriously.

When Will We Have a Tax Code as Simple As Uganda? Taxes, Trump, and Shifting the Economy out of Neutral

In Uganda, they tax you for nothing. Not for owning land. Not for capitol gains. Not for inheritances. All there is is an 18% VAT (flat tax) on purchased goods. And everybody pays. If you buy it, you are taxed. The taxes are inclusive, so when you step up to the register, the price on the tag is the price you pay. So simple. America’s tax code exists to either reward or punish special interests. It is a weapon of political bullying and economic manipulation, and it’s got to go.

I Will Not Vote for Another Moderate Unraveling the Trump Enigma

When I, and everybody else, votes, we have a quite reasonable expectation that our desires will be carried out in the electorate. Otherwise, what he have is a sham, not a representative democracy. Trump will become the meteor that strikes Washington and decimates the establishment political class. And that’s very good news for all us peasants, whom our current oligarchy exploits and views with disdain.

Current Events 08-24-2015

We’re Damned The Pre-Persons – Phillip K. Dick

This from one of the greatest authors of science fiction ever to pen that genre.

America Was Great Because America Was Moral Planned Parenthood and America’s Loss of Moral Authority

Slavery was wicked, and required the slaughter of 500,000 American lives to end, followed by 100 years of institutionalized racism because of the catastrophic failure that was Reconstruction. In spite of all this, abortion is infinitely worse, because as evil as slavery was, nobody suggested the Africans be exterminated (they were considered valuable property).

America is neither great nor moral. I am ashamed of what my country is becoming and am no longer certain of my place in this brave new world that is emerging.

Current Events 08-19-2015

Trump Is Currently Popular Because He Is Saying What We Are All Thinking Trumping the Republican Establishment

The destruction of the Republican establishment has come. If he can accomplish nothing else, it must be that if we are to have any kind of future as a party.

The World’s Number One Polluter Mapping the invisible scourge

And yet America continues to get rapped for polluting, while China gets a free pass. Double Standard.

Current Events 08-18-2015

In What Way Are We Obligated to Share Our Prosperity With Other Nations? Immigration: Issue Of The Century

The Democrats, long the party of slavery, want to import a permanent underclass that they can exploit in future elections. The wealthy and the powerful want their housekeepers and gardeners which they can continue to underpay. Corporations want cheap labor that they can fire and deport at will. And the American worker has to foot the bill. We must do what’s best for America. Even Mexico has stricter immigration laws than America. Why must we allow a bunch of largely uneducated, tribalist parasites to siphon off our prosperity, while simultaneously throwing American citizens out of work? It is dysfunctional and unsustainable.

Caution Undocumented Democrats





Google is Skynet Watch Google’s terrifying humanoid robot running through a forest as firm pledges it will soon be MORE agile than a human