Events. Of a current nature.

Current Events 06-23-2012


It’s Hard to STOP Seeing Racism, When You’re Liberal Anti-racism ad campaign in Minnesota town called ‘racist’ by critics


Witnesses State They Fled The Scene Riding Unicorns Man left bloodied and screaming in pain after attack by ‘bunch of leprechauns’


Drivel Indeed Green ‘drivel’ The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria


Owie Yuma worker injured after 16-foot cactus falls on him


Current Events 06-22-2012


Brilliant Ideas, But Brilliance Is Nearly Illegal in the USA After Obamacare: Mitt Romney has a gift-wrapped opportunity to fix America’s health care system


The Death of American Soldiers is Only Notable When Politically Expedient to the LIberal Left Unlike the 2,000-Death Count in Iraq, ABC, NBC, PBS, MSNBC Skip 2,000 Marker in Afghanistan


Science Is Only Acknowledged When It Serves the Leftist Agenda Checking the APA’s Findings on Homosexual Parenting


Thank God We Have Vigilant Homeowner’s Associations To Protect the Republic From Serious Threats Like This Denver Neighborhood Rescued from 3-Year-Old Chalk Artist


China: Raising the Bar on Counterfeits China Pirates Austrian Village


Living the Dream Oracle’s Ellison is buying a Hawaiian island


Current Events 06-21-2012


That. Is So AWESOME!! Giant Hot Wheels Track With Double Vertical Loop and Real Race Car Drivers? Check.


I, For One, Welcome Our New Insect Drone Overlords Is that really just a fly? Swarms of cyborg insect drones are the future of military surveillance


Without Question Might We See a Landslide?


Pure. D. Stupid. The Benefit of Bloomberg’s Big Beverage Ban


Current Events 06-19-2012


This Won’t End Well US Outsources Its Africa Spying


Do As I Say, Not As I Do Jon Stewart mocks ‘rich’ Romney while outpacing him in wealth


Besides, Jon Stewart is a major tool. This only underscores that fact.


Pesky Logic Global Warming’s Killer: Critical Thinking


Global Warming, like Evolution and the Gay Identity Movement, is one of those belief systems that will not tolerate any dissent or disbelief. It certainly won’t let troublesome facts get in the way of its pseudo-intellectual hegemony. 


Current Events 06-15-2012


It’s Infanticide, Pure and Simple. And It’s Often Directed at Girls. Chew On That, Stupid Feminists. Is There a Woman’s Right to Be Born?


There Are Few Groups More Hated In America Than Fathers. Dads needed on Father’s Day


What’s The Problem? Pimp Enslaves Your Daughter. Find Pimp. Shoot Pimp Dead. Problem Solved. S.F. couple kill daughter’s alleged pimp, cops say


Thank You, Frank Epperson! How an 11-Year-Old Invented the Popsicle and Changed Summer Forever


Only Good Vampire Is a Dead Vampire (Especially the Sparkly Ones) ‘Vampire’ skeleton going on display in Bulgaria


Current Events 06-12-2012


Please Do Not Taunt the Venomous Fire Urchin A Venomous Fire Urchin Vomits Its Own Guts


I Wants It The New MBP Retina Display Blows the Doors off Its Competition


Apple Christmas Apple Unveils New MacBooks, iOS 6, and New Mountain Lion Features


Neato Apple Releases New Smart Case for iPad


What A Tragic Breach of Justice (The Poor Woman Spent 5 Years in Prison) Dingo killed Azaria Chamberlain in 1980s, coroner rules


Why Is This Man Still “President”? Piercing the Cone of Silence


Current Events 06-08-2012


Lies, Lies, and Lying Liars Why Do We Elect People Who So Clearly Lack Character?


Probably in Eureka The Internet was invented in 1934 (sorta)


Yes, Please!! Firaxis Brings XCOM Back for a New Generation of Gamers


House of Cards What’s Changed After Wisconsin


Spiders Are Our Friends ‘Vampire spiders’ spot victims by antennae


If Anybody Deserves to Succeed Student who doubled as high school’s custodian now Harvard-bound


Current Events 06-05-2012


DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE LEFT’S TIME-HONORED TRADITION OF STEALING ELECTIONS!! Illegal voters: The winning edge; Justice Department works to allow fraudulent votes


It’s Rather Simple: Muslims Are Having Babies (Lots of ‘Em). The French: Not So Much. Anti-Jewish attacks in France reach epidemic proportions