Current Events 08-14-2017

We Can’t Suppress So-Called “Hate Speech” Without Threatening All Other Speech It’s 1984 At Google; Almost as troubling as the left’s policing is its apparent obliviousness toward its own hypocrisy and the danger it poses to the liberal exchange of ideas.

Mission Accomplished Trump is filling the courts!

He Fights Why Believers Support Trump

All This #FakeOutrage Over the Leftist Provoked Violence in Charlottesville Is, At Its Core, About Controlling Speech/Thought Liberals need to stop messing with the First Amendment

The Media Made This, And Continues to Throw Fuel On The Fire In Order to Push Speech Codes and Hate Speech Laws How the Liberal Media Created Charlottesville

When the Media Calls Trump Racist, They Are Calling All of You Who Voted For Him Racist Charlottesville, White Supremacists, Evangelicals, Racists, and Trump

1) Racism is hate speech

2) Hate speech must be outlawed

3) Evangelicals are racist

4) Evangelicals must be outlawed

That is where the Left DESPERATELY wants to go with this.

This Whole Episode Was Staged In Order to Create Political Opportunities For the Marxist Left Why Were The Police Held Back In Charlottesville?

Current Events 08-12-2017

Boys and Girls Are Different Google it: men and women are different, and that’s okay

Google Stopped Being a Tech Company When It Became a SJW Thinktank James Damore Confronts The Nagging Harridans of High-Tech (& Loses)

Sorry Progressives: America Isn’t Buying It Anymore Intolerance? Just google Google!

Pain Management Shouldn’t Have to Result in Addiction These New Devices Promise to Fight Pain without Opioids; Companies want to replace addictive painkillers and help people detox from opioids.

The Working Class Elected Their Guy, And It’s Awesome Democrats have not been the party of the working class for thirty years

Current Events 08-11-2017

The Tech Industry Has to Be Brought to Heel Tech is at war with the world

The Populism That Elected Trump Will Turn Against the Gated Cities of the Coasts Next Big Tech’s arrogance is creating a new appetite for trust-busting.

Google Exists Because of the First Amendment, and They Are Now the Enemy of Free Speech Google betrays the reason for its own existence.

Boys and Girls Are Different By Firing the Google Memo Author, the Company Confirms His Thesis

America, It’s Time to Abandon the Coasts and Live in the Midlands Liberalism’s Summer of ’17; Liberals whine about being governed by Trump. Pity those governed by them.

Go On Dems. Keep Proving Us Right For Electing Trump. Let the Dems Be the Transgender Party; That will just make it easier for Trump to win re-election.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others Misplaced Pride; Not everything clicks in life.

Current Events 08-09-2017

Groupthink Will Tolerate No Dissent The Evangelists of Tolerance Have a Zero-Tolerance Policy

James Damore’s Only Crime is Wrongthink “Google Rushed To Fire Damore So Fast, They Didn’t Stop To Think How Full Of S**t They Are”

Google Thinks It Can Engineer Better People – It’s Soft Despotism Could This Man Work At Google?

Of Course They Do – That’s How Marxist Regimes Operate Google’s Social Justice Warriors Create Wrongthink Blacklists

Thought Police and Thought Crimes Former Google Employee: ‘There Are Efforts to Demote Anything Non-PC from Search Results’

This Is a Monopoly That Must Be Broken The ‘Haves and Have-Mores’ in Digital America

Academia Is the Worst Offender College Is Trade School for the Elite; Even education in the humanities has become vocationalized, though the transformation is subtle.

Sorry MSM – Trump Is Doing a Great Job! Yes, President Trump Is Making America Great Again

Homosexuality IS An Abomination. Jews Know It. Christians Know It. N.C. Pride Parade Rescheduled To Accomodate Yom Kippur … When Jews Read That Un-P.C. “Abomination” Part of Leviticus

We Are At War With the Shadow Government Trump’s Unintended Consequences: The Unmasking of the Deep State

Current Events 08-03-2017

Cultural Suicide America Abandons Marriage at its Own Peril

Repeal and Replace the GOP Oops, Republicans Did It Again; The GOP predictably fails to deliver on their small government rhetoric.

Tearing Down the Bureaucracy Trump Has Quietly Accomplished More Than It Appears

Current Events 08-02-2017

We Are the Majority – This Time We Acted Like It The dirty little secret that is haunting Democrats

The Democrats only message seems to be “We’re better than you.”

Piss Poor Leftist Religion The Identity Crisis of the American Left

The Beatings Will Continue Until Thinking Improves Can A Conservative Conduct An Orchestra?

Academia Is a Crooked System That Has Been Given a Pass on Its Corruption For Too Long Trump Justice Department Preparing To Crack Down on College Affirmative Action

Can’t Let a SOVEREIGN Nation Decide For Itself Anything Leaked George Soros Plan to Turn Ireland into a Pro-Abortion Country

Current Events 08-01-2017

Bring It The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 2

I’m starting to think the Left might just be that crazy.

Leftists Love Their Slave Labor Inside the illegal death traps where poor Hamptons workers live in squalor

Get the illegals out, put poor Americans to work.

Nazism is American Made What Hitler Learned from the Democrats

Mandatory Minimum Distances U.S. Gov’t Ordered To Solve ‘Case Of The Incredible Shrinking Airline Seat’

Taxation is Theft How Missouri’s special taxing districts promote “legal plunder.”

The Mentally Ill Don’t Belong in the Military Transforming America — and the Military — One Tweet at a Time

Current Events 07-31-2017

Fake Psychology Take the Politics Out of Classifying Mental Disorders

Because mental illness has been politicized, these mentally ill people will never get the help they need.

They Will Keep Moving the Goalposts What Is normal? What Is Abnormal? Who Decides?

When does it end?

End Congressional Exemption Obamacare: Time for Trump to Make Congress Share Our Pain; The President has the authority to eliminate its illegal exemption immediately.

I Would Love To See Them Try The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 1

God Forbid Males Be Permitted to Feel Manly Feminist Says Dunkirk Is A Bad Movie Because It Screams ‘Men-Only’

Lying Liars Republican Senators Prove to America They Are Nothing But Filthy Liars

Current Events 07-29-2017

There Needs to Be Serious Consequence for Rape. Likewise for False Accusations of Rape. Discredited, the Legend of Mattress Girl Just Won’t Go Away

This Sick Charade Has Been Shown Undue Tolerance For Too Long Gender Debate Reveals Why the Left Must Be Defeated

We can’t coexist with the Left. We must utterly defeat and discredit them, remove them from all positions of power and influence.

No War Hero PAYBACK: White House Officials Say John McCain Leak Investigation Should Proceed

Current Events 07-27-2017

Pure and Simple Pediatrician: ‘Transgender Ideology’ Causes ‘Child Abuse’

Way to Go @POTUS! Transitioning Transgender Soldiers’ Medical Expenses 14 Times Higher than Average

Words Mean Things The Tower of Gender Babble

There are only two genders.

We Must Stand and Remain Unmoved By the Groupthink Apostate: Sinners Outside the Leftist Anti-Church; We’re going to punish the wicked.

The Religion of the Left is Narcissism Do We Need More Tolerance, Or Do We Just Need Less Narcissism?

The Six GOPe Traitors Who Voted To Be De-Elected The Six Senate Republicans Who Flip-flopped in Favor of Obamacare