Current Events 12-14-2020

Cowards The Supreme Court’s Rejection Of Texas’s Election Lawsuit Failed The Constitution; It is hard to believe the justices put the constitutional question above their desire to avoid appearing to meddle in the 2020 election.

Article II We Don’t Need SCOTUS to Win

I’m Ready to Boog How It Looks if Trump Wins; How It Looks if Biden Wins

If the GOP Won’t Get On Board, Then We Bury the GOP Gaming Out a MAGA Party

Secession, or Succession – In Either Case, Biden Will Not Be President Can America Survive This Perfect Storm?

The Real Super Spreader Event With the Media So Focused On Super-Spreader Events They Ignore the Biggest One Proven to Take Place

Current Events 12-10-2020

Because No Matter What, Conservatives Cannot Have Any Part of the Culture That is Theirs Big Tech Is Crushing Conservative Comedy; Right-leaning comics already face industry discrimination. Now, it’s getting worse

Pretty Much Claiming to Be a Pro-Choice Pastor is Like Claiming to Be a Moloch-Worshiping Christian

The MOAB Has Dropped A Summary of the Texas Election Lawsuit

The Democrats Want to Sell Our Country to China The Democrats Are in Bed with China, Literally

Of Course the Dems Tried to Steal This Election Voter Fraud Never Happens! (Except in These 10,000 Cases)

Current Events 12-09-2020

We Know Very Well What You Mean “Make Them Pay”: Michigan Lawmaker Calls On Leftist Soldiers To Attack “Trumpers”

And we stand ready to defend ourselves.

It’s Great To Be Surrounded By Patriots I Was at the Valdosta Rally. Here’s What I Experienced.

This Cannot Stand How to Steal an Entire Country

This is the MOAB We’ve Been Waiting For Will This Texas Lawsuit Overturn the 2020 Election? Texas lawsuit seeks to declare the selection of electors in four states void. Things are getting interesting.

If the Votes Are Tainted, The Results Have to Be Thrown Out 6 Things To Know About Texas’s Supreme Court Petition Over 2020’s Messed-Up Election; Texas argues that the case ‘presents constitutional questions of immense national consequences,’ namely that the 2020 election suffered from serious constitutional irregularities.

And a new slate of Electors chosen by the legislature.

Multiple States Are Ready to File Amicus Briefs Multiple States Throw Support Behind Texas’ Election Lawsuit Against GA, WI, MI, PA

Don’t Throw Out the Baby What Should Be Done with Section 230?

Current Events 12-07-2020

Yes. They Really Did Do This. No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close; A Big Tech-backed ‘fact’ ‘checking’ outfit claimed to debunk explosive evidence for Republicans’ claims of significant election problems in Georgia. It didn’t.

No Audits No Peace The Burden of Proof; The faith in fairness has been shattered beyond recovery, and the assumption of anything like a shared consensus seems more and more like a naïve pretense when it isn’t just a cynical hustings gambit.

How Can They Not? Will SCOTUS Overrule the Pennsylvania Supreme Court?

Lin Wood is Right Lin Wood: Consider the Source

If We Don’t Confront the Fraud, The Dems Will Steal the Senate Too Republicans Can Fight for Election Integrity AND Hold the Senate. If They Don’t, They’ll Lose It All

I am weary of all the doomers who think there is no hope. If we don’t stand and fight, if we don’t resist, we won’t have a Republic anymore. We will be living in an occupied country ruled by tyrants and traitors. No election will be trustworthy. And Democrats will make sure no Republican wins anything ever again.

Mail-in Ballots are Unconstitutional

The election in Pennsylvania is illegal. The mail-in ballots have to be thrown out. They were illegal from the outset.

I Do Not Comply

I stopped at the grocery store yesterday on the way back from the gym. Breezed in without a mask like I always do, me and my 2 sons. The security guard/COVID commissar chased after me, screaming at me “SIR, SIR!” I did my usual of pretending I can’t see or hear. So she pursues me into the soda aisle (I was there to get some cranberry flavored soda – so good). She got way too close, in violation of social distancing regs. “You have to leave the store if you’re not going to wear a mask.” I told her I’m going to pay for my soda and leave, and I’m not wearing a mask. She got angrier and angrier. Finally I said “Then go get the police.” This particular store, being in a high crime area, has a cop on duty for shoplifters.

Now bear in mind, at no time have I or my sons been angry, caused a disturbance, or been anything but polite – we just won’t comply. So the cop meets us on the way to the checkout. He asks “Would you be willing to put on a mask? We have some up front you could have.” Very courteous. I replied “I would rather not. I already had the virus and recovered, so I don’t really need the mask. Plus it interferes with my breathing, and I can’t wear them.” He said okay and walked back to his post. I thanked him for being polite.

Checked out. Walked out, and there’s the psycho security guard waiting for us, filiming us. I informed her it is illegal to film us without our permission. And she flipped out. Screaming. Cursing. In front of the whole parking lot full of customers. And we were calm and cool. That’s the key. Be calm. Don’t get angry. Force the other side to be the jackass. As long as you’re not being violent or causing a disturbance, the police aren’t going to bother you. And we got our cranberry flavored soda.

Stupid mask nazis.

This Election Was Complete Fraud

President Trump laid it all out. This was a fake election. It cannot stand. If we let this stand then our elections will never be fair. Nobody is covering this. I am weary of what is clearly a coup being perpetrated by the media and the Deep State to deprive Americans of their lawful vote. America chose Trump. Not Joe Biden. We have to fix this, or the Union will fall. We cannot live in a country where a powerful cabal of elitists chooses our leaders and tell us to “cope” when we object and insist on the Rule of Law. It’s now or never America.

How to Be More Obedient

Currently, the desire to be free, to make your own choices as to what is best for yourself and for your family, is being couched as selfishness. It is selfish to be free. And this is how the sheeple try to shame us into accepting tyranny.

Well I do not comply. I will never comply. And I intend to remain defiant. Because I am absolutely unwilling to surrender my freedoms for any reason.

Current Events 11-23-2020

Sidney Needs to Put Up Or Shut Up Sidney Powell Responds to Trump Campaign’s Distancing

If she has the proof, she needs to produce it. Otherwise, it becomes an unproven conspiracy theory that will be dismissed and ignored. I still think votes were switched, as the statistics support this assertion. But if she can’t prove it, then her reputation is destroyed and the case goes nowhere. Trump has to protect his other pending cases. And our chances of success diminish.

In a recent interview, she made statements that could threaten the Georgia runoff elections. And without proof, that could not stand. So it seems she has been shut out.

I hope this doesn’t destroy the other cases, which deal with very real ballot stuffing and more run-of-the-mill fraud in Democrat controlled cities.

I don’t see how Biden could possibly get the votes he did without some kind of electronic fraud.

The big problem of course is the massive disinformation running around. You can’t trust the media. They are proven liars. With no insider information, it is impossible to verify the information.

So all we can do is wait and see how it turns out.

It Could Be a Funding Issue Making Sense Of The News About Sidney Powell

Maybe it’s an effort to avoid financial entanglements and limit liability in case of a defamation lawsuit against the President from Dominion?

The Trump Presser

This is the whole press conference from today. It’s all good, but if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, at least watch the Sidney Powell parts.