Current Events 06-25-2015

Racism is Sin, Not Confined to the Hearts of “Whites” or “Blacks” Dylann Roof, the Confederate Flag, and the Logic of the Left

All tribes suffer from tribalism, lately called racism. It took Jesus and his simple message of the Kingdom – love and forgiveness through His personal sacrifice on the cross – to lay a foundation for racism’s end. You can’t hate people if they are your brothers or sisters. Our old tribe, a sinners’ tribe, loses its grip on us as we become part of a new tribe, God’s tribe, which welcomes all who will believe on Jesus.

Forcible Re-Education – Stalin Would Be Proud Purging the History of the South

What we are seeing here is yet another effort by the Stalinist Left to destroy the South, long a stronghold of Christian beliefs and culture, and of late, Republican voters. It has little to do with “racial equality.” They want to destroy all Christian influence in this country, and replace it with their own neo-atheist secular anti-religion. Never mind that the people they pretend to be outraged about were devout followers of Jesus Christ, and the survivors have publicly forgiven the deeply troubled nutcase who attacked their church. That’s a love the Left cannot understand and instinctively rejects.

Once you bring the love of Christ into your heart, there is no longer room remaining with which to hate ANYBODY.

Better Call Sam and Dean Mystery as 600 dogs jump from ‘haunted suicide bridge’ leaving at least 50 dead

Fatal Flatulence Silent And Deadly: Fatal Farts Immobilize Prey


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