Current Events 07-07-2015

Famous Last Words “Fuck That Alligator”: Man Killed Seconds After Mocking Gator Warning

And in the category of Man vs. Nature, this year’s Darwin Award winner is…

Coolness ‘Nintendo PlayStation’: Man discovers ultra-rare console in his attic – and it could make him rich

The End of America As We Know It Gay Marriage and the Death of States Rights

I have been lying low and waiting for all the furor to die down a bit. And I will only say this once. This is the worst Supreme Court decision to be handed down since Roe v. Wade, and before that, the Dredd Scott case. Americans do not want this. When allowed to choose in their STATE LEGISLATURES they have tended to overwhelmingly vote it down, you know, that thing people in a democracy do to determine their own laws. This decision entirely bypasses the legislature and is essentially just rule by oligarchy.

By denying Americans their right to representation, they have not made the problem go away, but only made it much much worse. In the case of Dredd Scott, it led to the Civil War and the deaths of a half a million Americans. This will not end well.

Unlike made up Constitutional “rights”, there is already a clearly stated Constitutional right to free speech and religion. If you believe the “homosexual movement” will be satisfied with this ruling, you are woefully naive. Their goal was never just “gay marriage”, but unilateral cultural redefinition. They will not rest until homosexuality is a protected civil right, at which point we, the conscientious objectors, will be lumped in with the Ku Klux Klan and other abhorrent racist groups. 

Homosexuality, and all the other perverse addictive sexual sins humanity has dreamed up to stimulate their genitals, is sin. This has not, and never will change. Christians are not alone in this belief, as both Islam and Judaism are of the same conviction. When the lawsuits and the social pressure fail, and they will, it will progress swiftly to suppression, the favored tactic of all totalitarian regimes. The end result will be bloody, as wars against religion always are.

The fight isn’t over because five oligarchs handed down an unlawful ruling. No. This is just the beginning.


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