Current Events 07-15-2015

Legalized Genocide – Hitler Would Be Proud Undercover video shows Planned Parenthood official discussing fetal organs used for research

Murdering Babies And Profiting From Their Corpses Here’s The Company That Buys Aborted Body Parts From Planned Parenthood

Once Called the American Eugenics Society Racist, Pro-Nazi Roots Of Planned Parenthood Revealed

The 3rd Reich used the policies of the AES to form their own eugenics programs. That same organization is now government subsidized and firmly entrenched in American society. Infanticide is not a human right, any more than slavery once was.

To The Kenyan Mind, They Own This President and All His Wealth and Influence ‘He should’ve at least informed us as his family’: Obama’s half-brother reveals disappointment that president has not told relatives about his upcoming trip to Kenya


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