Current Events 10-05-2015

Crazy Ignores Gun Control Regulations Mass Murderers Fit Profile, as Do Many Others Who Don’t Kill

More Lawful Gun Owners is the Cure Clackamas — the Oregon Massacre a Gun Stopped

Multiple members of our church have conceal-and-carry permits, and concealable pistols. They gained their permits by way of a class conducted on our church property. They bring said pistols to church. If a gunman entered our church seeking to massacre Christians at worship, the outcome would be swift and fatal (for the would-be shooter).

Why Are These People Not Jailed!? Stop Calling My Daughter’s Death a Car Accident

They Are Far More Practical and Sanitary, and They Make Great Garbage Bags Plastic Bags Are Good for You; What prohibitionists get wrong about one of modernity’s greatest inventions

VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM!! Vaccine safety tested (again) by injection into infant macaques; Neither behavior nor brain structure change in response to vaccination.

I Concur Pope Francis: Lifelong Marriage Is Not ‘A Quaint Relic Of The Past’ But ‘God’s Dream’ For Humanity

Piracy Would Not Be Necessary if Not For the Unlawful Movie Monopoly The Confessions Of A Camming Movie Pirate

Here’s a tip: PEOPLE CAN’T OR DON’T ALWAYS WANT TO GO TO THEATERS AND PAY EXORBITANT PRICES FOR YOUR MOVIES!! If movies were released digitally simultaneous to theaters, piracy would no longer be needed.

Why Trump? Trump’s ‘Middle American Radicals’ Changing 2016 Race


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