Current Events 04-29-2016

Nationalism First At Last, America First!

We Have Allowed Our Country, the Land of Opportunity, to Become the Land of Feudalism Where We Are All Made Slaves to Enrich Our Elitist Masters Shining Nation: The America that Could Be: The Rise of Donald Trump Will Force American Patriots to Think Harder —and a Book from 1912 Could Help

That’s why economics matters more than false morality in this race, because it is the restoration of a fair, pro-American economy that will secure our religious liberties against our very unDemocratic oligarchy. Property equals liberty. We have allowed our government to take away our property, and therefore, we have lost our freedoms. It’s a long article, but well worth the read. Laissez-faire Capitalism is every bit as evil as Communism. Vive’ la Revolution!


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