Current Events 10-16-2017

I Just Love How the #AltLeft Projects Their Failures On Us Is Harvey Weinstein a cultural pivot point?

If there is legitimate abuse going on, then obviously these “people” need to be dealt with in the harshest possible terms. However, and this is critical, at the same time we cannot allow this to become some kind of toxic, anti-male, “Chick Lives Matter” that makes men the villains. At some point we have to recognize that all the lies of the Left, but especially those of the Sexual Revolution, have CAUSED THIS. Far from liberating women, it made their treatment worse and not better.

I find it interesting that for all their talk of a “War on Women”, as always, the worst perpetrators are the Left. They’re the ones hyper-sexualizing women and girls, they’re the ones pushing abortion, they’re the ones pushing pornography and prostitution, and they are the ones sheltering sexual predators up and down the political/social spectrum that serve their agendas.

There Are Two Reasons I Voted Trump: 1) Burn Down the GOPe 2) Dismantle the Obama regime. Trump and the dismantling of Obama’s legacy

Keep Chasing That Laser Pointer, MSM Trump Renders Media Blind To All But Chaos


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