Current Events 09-24-2018

If This Stands, We Are a Banana Republic The Real Victims of the Kavanaugh Smear; The Democrats want to nullify the votes of millions of Americans.

Our Entire System of Justice is Based on Presumption of Innocence, and the Examination of Evidence Don’t ‘Believe Women.’ Believe Evidence.

#MeToo is a War on Men By Radicalized 3rd Wave Feminists Half of Americans Live in Fear – They’re Called Men

I Have Four Sons – They Deserve to Have a Country Where They Can Flourish and Live Without Discrimination Parents of Boys Should Be Outraged at Democrats

This Is What the Kavanaugh Smear is REALLY About – Preserving and Protecting the Murder of the Unborn Here’s A List Of Everything Unborn Children Can Do In The Womb


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