Current Events 09-27-2018

How Long Are Christians Going to Continue Allowing Their Children to Be Brainwashed, Lied To, Bullied, and Their Faith and Patriotism Destroyed? Why Putting Your Kids In Public Schools Is Now More Dangerous Than Ever; Polls find the majority of U.S. parents don’t want to put their kids in public schools, but most do anyway. A new book explains why they should stop, and here’s a gameplan for achieving that.

These Are Exactly the Kinds of Things Following Due Process Tends to Reveal Kavanaugh Mayhem: Two Men Cop To Feeling Christine Ford’s Breasts, Contradicting Her Accusation

Kavanaugh Is Innocent No, Kavanaugh Shouldn’t Withdraw. A Serious Look At The Allegations Against Him Shows Why.

This Isn’t America Stalin Would Approve; The only thing missing so far is the live ammo.

Democrats Are The Fascist Party of America Is There A Decent Democrat Left In America?

It Is Not Sensationalistic to Say That If We Let Kavanaugh Be Destroyed, Our Republic Is Doomed Democrats, Kavanaugh and the Illness Deep Within the Bones of the Republic

We Hired You Losers to FIGHT Republicans Better Get On A War Footing In Kavanaugh Fight. They Have A Lot To Lose If They Don’t

The Left Gets Away With Their Brownshirt Tactics Because the GOP Refuses to Stop Them The Kavanaugh Battle Is The Culmination Of Unanswered Leftist Kulturkampf; There’s no greater sin than condemning an innocent man without evidence. There’s no greater cowardice than caving in to mob pressure.


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