Of Course It Was Arson

Notre Dame was arson. Of course it was arson. And it was Muslim migrants. Of course it was Muslim migrants. Who else would it be?

“A report from the Central Criminal Intelligence Service (SCRC) of the gendarmerie noted that from 2016 to 2018 there had been thousands of cases of church vandalism, peaking in 2017 with 1,045 cases, Le Figaro reports.

According to the French Ministry of the Interior, when cemeteries and other sites are taken into consideration, the number of acts of vandalism rose to 1,063 in 2018.” https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/03/30/macrons-france-average-of-three-church-attacks-per-day/

When you expand to include the rest of Europe, churches are being vandalized by the thousands everywhere that Muslim migrants have been brought in. There is a war against Christianity worldwide. Every time the media says the phrase “white nationalist” they mean Christians. It’s us they hate. And they are determined to flood our country with radical Islamists so the violence, arson, and rapes that have become common in Muslim dominant regions can become commonplace in America also.


We have to stop pretending that the barbaric religion of child brides, female genital mutilation and jihad has any goal other than the invasion and destruction of the West. And the Fascist Left will use them to accomplish their goal of destroying Christianity, which they view as the biggest threat to their hegemony.



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