Have You Accepted Slavery?

When Trump first announced his intentions to run for President, everyone laughed him off. He was called a clown, a joke, and the media gave him lots of airtime running him down for what they claimed he was saying. But they weren’t hearing him. I heard him. Lots of us did. Loud and clear. So I went to his website to read his policy positions. I wasn’t listening to Fake News. I learned long ago to never pay attention to news. The Clinton years taught me that. I read the policy positions. I thought “Holy Cow, this could work.” I told people “If he gets even a portion of these enacted, it will change everything.”

If the man gave a speech, I listened to the whole thing, no redactions, no edits. Trump did not talk like a politician. He didn’t pretend to like people. He didn’t equivocate. He was genuine. I still think this. From the beginning, I was onboard, because here was the chance, a real chance, to take hold of the levers of power and actually change things.

Slowly Trump’s enemies began to realize this. And I should clarify, it’s not really Trump they oppose, it’s us. It’s regular Americans having any control of the political process or the exercise of power in Washington. They hate us. They hate our way of life. They hate our religion. They hate the America we represent. They were calling us hicks and rednecks and flyover country long before there was a Donald Trump.

The unelected bureaucrats, the intelligence and regulatory agencies in Washington, form a cabal of power that can make or break a President. Commonly, this cabal is referred to as the “Deep State” or the “Administrative State”. Beginning in the 1950s, the CIA began a program called “Operation Mockingbird” (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Operation_Mockingbird) in which they placed operatives within journalism to control the release of information and steer the narrative to best benefit the aforementioned Deep State. Ever wonder why all the news is Fake? This is the reason why.

Hillary Clinton, the DNC, the Obama DOJ, then President Obama, the CIA, the FBI, and the American News Media colluded together to craft the entire “Russia Collusion” Hoax, at first to sabotage the Trump Campaign, and then, when it became apparent that HIllary was going to lose, to overturn his election. This was an act of treason and sedition.

Trump was the change Washington needed. The traitors in the Democrat/Fascist Party and their accomplices in the Republican Party did everything in their power to derail, delay, and subvert the Trump Agenda. It is amazing how much has been accomplished in spite of their best efforts. However, we have no wall and Obamacare was not overturned, because all of the momentum of the 2016 election was stunted by this treasonous three year hoax and subsequent investigation.

We the people have got to insist on better government. We must view the media as the pack of liars and traitors they are. We must view the Democrats as the vile, demonic, bloodthirsty, perverse, slime-covered, ichor-spewing, hardline Marxist Communists they are. We must eject every last Quisling RINO traitor from our own Party. If that fails, we must obliterate the Republican Party and make a new Party that represents our interests as Americans. Every last person involved in this treasonous hoax must be prosecuted and jailed for their crimes. Every journalist that participated in the hoax must be sued for libel/slander. We must not rest until the entire Deep State is destroyed.

If we fail, the backlash against us will be swift and terrible. Remember, it’s not really Trump these elitists hate – it’s us. It has always been us.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth