Current Events 11-06-2019

In a Word, Yes Will Gay Rights Trump Religious Freedom?

We cannot dissent. We must all love Big Brother.

The Moment Speech Codes Become Law, Free Speech is Dead Without Free Speech, All Speech Becomes Government Speech; There is no such thing as government regulated free speech.

Libertarianism Is a Fraud How Libertarianism Makes People Susceptible To Huge Government
In the end, the freedom to abandon family, faith, and community is the freedom to be insecure, insignificant, and alone before the Leviathan of government.

Practically, all libertarians accomplish is helping Democrats win close elections. This vaunted “individual freedom” is a sham, because nobody can be trusted with absolute freedom. If everyone was virtuous, it could work. Instead, because this drive for individual freedom destroys all public virtue or social controls, tears down marriage and the church, more government control is needed to protect the rights of the individual against the wickedness of humans exercising their “freedoms”. So Libertarians become useful idiots for the Left, and aid them in creating the chaos and disorder needed to assume totalitarian control.

The Grey Lady Has a History of Covering Up Atrocities The 1932 and 1939 Project: How the New York Times Covered up Murder and Genocide

If Impeachment Somehow (Don’t Think It Will) Succeeds, Then The Social Compact Is Broken and There is No Need to Accept the Rule of This Government Impeaching America’s Future
Moving in the direction of South America.

Nanny State Tyranny Munchausen-by-Proxy Nation; “Safetyism” advancing under the banner of the Left is hazardous to your health.

Stop Wasting Money on Pointless Foreign Wars – Focus on the War on Our Southern Border Mexico’s rampaging drug cartels are a huge problem for the United States


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