Current Events 11-08-2019

OK Snowflake William Shatner Gets In Twitter Feud With Millennial Who Said ‘Ok Boomer’

They Have Been Very Clear – We Are The Enemy NY Officials Show No Restraint Passing Laws to Attack Christian Values

The Fascist Left Will Kill Us If They Can The War on Religion

Heretics Will Not Be Tolerated Teenage Girl Suspended From School for Refusing to Wear Pro-LGBT Remembrance Day Item

There Is a Cabal of Powerful Pedophiles, and the MSM Protects Them The Jeffrey Epstein Story Is A Giant Rats’ Nest That Needs Dogged Investigation; From the media to government bureaucrats to Epstein himself, powerful people are getting away with execrable behavior. It’s time to investigate the Epstein-media-intelligence agency nexus.

Trump Was Not the First Abuse of Power: When LBJ Spied on Goldwater; When it comes to their heroes’ criminality, liberals reject the idea of knowing anything about it.

The Democrats have spied on and undermined every Republican candidate since Eisenhower, and tried to impeach every Republican President. They are a party of traitors and Communists.


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