On Critical Race Theory and Riots

Elect a Democrat, watch while they run your city into the ground, blame white folks for the problems you yourself have created, burn your already impoverished city down in protest because the Democrats you elected are doing a terrible job, and never be held accountable for your actions because a lot of ignorant fools blame themselves for your problems, because they have bought the lie of critical race theory.

You know why “whites” tend to be successful? The same reason every successful American is successful – we finish school, work hard, and demand an orderly, civil society. Not because of any “white culture” that favors us over “blacks” (I hate those terms). Although, this is becoming less and less the case as more and more whites are being cast into poverty due to the ravages of drug addiction, sexual immorality, and the economic consequences of globalism. So any privilege, in other words, that we may have worked to procure for ourselves, being Americans, is being eroded.

The opportunities are still there for whoever wants them, and will work hard to get them.

What we are seeing across America is Bolshevism. It is a Communist uprising, funded by a white billionaire, and disguised as race riots. This has nothing at all to do with George Floyd. He was just the excuse. If it wasn’t him, the media would have found another. They failed to destroy our country with the China Virus panic THEY CAUSED, so now they are trying race riots, which THEY ALSO CAUSED. This is sedition, pure and simple.

As a society, we have to end this. We are being attacked as a country by Bolsheviks in academia, the media, and online. Propaganda is the cause – massive civil unrest is the result. This is how countries fall to Communism.


Patriotic dude Follower of Christ Keeper of the Truth