Current Events 07-13-2022

They Want to Physically Attack People For Wrongthink The ‘Chekhov’s Gun’ of Political Intimidation; Having brought onto stage the weapon of political intimidation, the Left intends to use it at every turn. Groups like
Shutdown D.C. and Ruth Sent Us are just the latest examples.

While Simultaneously Taking Away Your Right to Defend Yourself The Left Is Doing Its Best To Make Self-Defense A Crime

Simply Asking Questions is Violence Sen. Hawley Clashes With Berkeley Professor After She Repeatedly Uses Phrase, ‘People With the Capacity for Pregnancy’

And this alleged “violence” will be used as pretext for ACTUAL violence. Your attackers won’t be prosecuted, but YOU will if you do anything to defend yourself.

Fornication Has Consequences Abortion Restrictions Cause College Students to Realize Fornication has Consequences; College students must face the prospect of finding hobbies other than meaningless casual sex.

We Need Manly Men of ALL Colors The Rise of Black Girly Men

The GloboHomo Plan to Starve You Into Submission The Great Regression


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