Current Events 07-22-2022

This Is How Bastilles Get Stormed And Guillotines Constructed The Hypocrisy of Elites; Egalitarianism for thee, Elitism for me

They Are Going to Try To Make A Biden Win Seem Plausible Biden Is Seriously Ill; The Democrats can’t hope to win in 2024. They can only hope that getting rid of Joe Biden will make a win seem plausible. 

But then, we can’t let it get that far. If they somehow steal another election, there will be war.

Too Late For Buyer’s Remorse – You’re Stuck With the Turd You Elected The Left Should Be Happy with Biden; Since when has changing an inept messenger ever changed a disastrous message?

Ummmm… That’s The Whole Job of Government: Protecting Freedoms Limited government action may be needed to protect free speech, law professor argues

They Don’t Want Democracy – They Want Tyranny BRANDED As Democracy In The Wake Of Roe’s Demise, Democrats Are Doing All They Can To Thwart Democracy

It’s why they refer to it as OUR Democracy. Their Democracy is not what the Constitution describes.

More Please Oberlin learns a $31 million lesson for falsely accusing a local family business of racism

We need to make it easier to sue for defamation.

Hmmmm…. Can We Get MORE Lavender Panics, Please? Anti-Gay Telescope Tyranny! As we know, the sum total of human scientific endeavor must be judged by the question: Is it good for the gays?

Pure Evil. There Aren’t Words. Cool Cannibals; Companies that obtain fetal tissue from clinics and sell it to laboratories exist in a gray zone, legally.

This is why they shall always be referred to as babykillers and child murderers by me. Monstrous, evil, butchering savages.

It Was All a Lie Dr. Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up ‘The Science’ On Lockdowns, Social Distancing

Only Criminal Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter: Black Supremacists

Let’s list all the black lives that DON”T matter to Black Lives Matter, the domestic terrorist organization:

Black babies, aborted in sky high numbers compared to other demographics.

Black children trapped in failed schools by Democrat pollicies.

Black people who are exposed to daily black-on-black crime.

Black families, under attack for fifty plus years by Democrats.

Black men, trained to be angry and violent, largely due to fatherlessness.

Black Republicans/Trump Supporters, made into pariahs.

Black business owners, whose businesses are destroyed every time these criminals riot.


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