Current Events 07-10-2023

Church and Family is Where It’s At The Long March Through the Soul

How Is It a Conspiracy When It’s Happening? Corrupt Media Care More About ‘Qanon’ Than Human Trafficking

QAnon is a set of conspiracy theories alleged to be on the right of the political spectrum. I personally think it’s a psyop designed to provide plausible deniability to actual evil activities being perpetrated by the wealthy elites running the world, and to discredit those few people who AREN’T Feds and are legit trying to blow the whistle. 

One of their central tenets is this belief that children are being trafficked not only for sex, but for Satanic rituals where they are tortured sexually / physically in order to “adrenalize” their blood in a state of terror and extreme pain, then drain that blood (killing the child) in order to produce a compound called adrenochrome. The elite buy and consume this stuff to stay young. So they say.

Tim Ballard has confirmed that they have rescued multiple children from traffickers that were using children for rituals and organ harvesting. How can it be called a “conspiracy” when it’s HAPPENING?

Check It Out African children trafficked to UK for blood rituals

If You’ve Not Seen “Sound of Freedom”, Get Your But to the Theater And Watch It. It’s The Best Film of the Year. Easily. Sound of Freedom Triggers the Media

The Whole Goal of the Left is to Normalize Sex With Children Agent Who Inspired Box Office Smash ‘Sound of Freedom’ Warns: ‘Trans Voice’ Agenda Is Straight out of the Pedophile Playbook

Everything about the sexual deviancy of the Left, starting with the normalization of fornication and adultery back in the 50s and 60s, then faggotry in the 80s, “gay marriage” in the naughties, and now transgenderism, has always had a singular goal – to normalize and promote pedophilia. There is a worldwide underground political movement that wants to come out into the light, and have society be forced to accept them. It’s why “Sound of Freedom” triggers these people so badly – they are pedophile apologists, if not pedophiles outright.


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