Current Events 11-16-2023

Democrats are the Party of Jew-Hating Bigots Democrats Decry the Violent Monster They Created, Rep. Mike Collins Hilariously Sets the Record Straight

All these pro-Hamas, Leftists are no better than a bunch of sheet-wearing, Southern Democrat crackers. At the end of the day, they’re all a bunch of bigots. Jews had better wise up and wise up quick. The same people that want to kill Christians want to kill Jews too. Because Jesus.

Islam is Incompatible With Western Civilization Reminder: Hamas Seeks The Death Of All Jews Everywhere

Islam is not compatible with Western Civilization. It has no place in America. It has no place in the world. Deus Vult

I serve the Jewish God. This goy worships the Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ. Mohammedans are a death cult that are antithetical to everything America stands for.

Academia is Run By Marxist Bigots FOR Marxist Bigots Tenured barbarians; On academic anti-Semitism.

Leftists are a death cult dedicated to the proposition that the only good baby is a dead baby. They hate white people. They hate Christians. They hate men. They hate the family. They hate patriots. They hate America. They are not misguided fools – THEY ARE THE ENEMY. They should be regarded as such. Never relax around a Leftist. They are brainwashed heathens. Persuade whom you can, but be advised, most are unpersuadable, and are one NPC upgrade from genocide towards us.

It's You

Israel Did Not Bring This On Themselves Anymore That WE Caused 9/11 Blowing Up Blowback Theory

The most you can argue is there was a shocking failure of intelligence. That is all.

Derek Chauvin Is Innocent Trial by Ordeal: The Chauvin Verdict and the Dark, Embarrassing Truth of the American Jury System

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Getting Mugged Alone; Don’t expect help in an atomized, low-trust society

You Want Vigilantism? This Is How You Get Vigilantism. The Catastrophic Death of Fairness


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