Current Events 11-21-2023

It is Probably Too Late To Reverse Course Everything Is—Still—Fine

If America falls, it will be because people on the so-called conservative side pushed.

Weimerica America on the Edge of the Cliff

There is No Truth – That’s the Problem When the Truth Hurts, Lie; The New American Credo

Christians Have a Right to a Nation That Advocates and Defends Their Values Christian Nationalism or Godless Nationalism

Anybody who says different has surrendered to the Enemy.

Suppress Free Speech at All Costs The Regime strikes back against Elon

Women Need to Reclaim Femininity From Toxic Feminism Reclaiming Femininity to Save America

Too Many Sodomites How Fashion Destroyed America: Designer Pierre Cardin Dedicated His Life to Blurring Gender, Destroying God, Tradition, and Beauty

Is there anybody at the top NOT part of the Satanic pedo cult?


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