Current Events 03-26-2024

Remember When We Went to War With England Over a 2% Tax on Tea? You Didn’t Think This Squatter Situation Just Appeared Out of Nowhere, Did You?

I’m old fashioned enough to think trespassers should be shot.

They Are Abolishing the Bill of Rights If Free Speech Doesn’t Survive Ruling Class Demagoguery, Neither Will Democracy

DO IT Trump wants to round up over a million undocumented migrants from California. Here’s how he might do it

You Can’t Believe Any “Reporting” Coming Out of Gaza Ismail Al Ghoul – a case study in the failure of western media

They Won’t Stop Until We MAKE Them Stop Why our institutions keep going woke and going broke

“Didn’t Earn It” Is a Maoist Death Cult Will DEI End America—or America end DEI? Our future hinges on how quickly we discard DEI orthodoxy.

Defund “Didn’t Earn It” We Saved Over 21Million Dollars Using This One Stupid Trick; I don’t always write Clickbait, but when I do… It looks like this in the title.

They Need a SWIFT Kick in the Ass SWIFT Planning Launch of Central Bank Digital Currency Trading Platform in 12 Months

Here’s A Thought: Get Married, Have Your Babies While You’re Young What If We Addressed The Root Of Infertility Rather Than Pushing The Questionable IVF Quick Fix?

Also, don’t use hormonal birth control.


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