Current Events 03-28-2024

We Need to Send the Groypers Back to the Left Where They Belong The Jewish Problem; When I warned you that the “alt-right” was but a mirror image of the identitarian left, I wasn’t kidding

How’s That Workin’ For Ya? The greatest Trumpenfreude of all; They kicked President Trump off Twitter. That’s about to make him $3,600,000,000.

The Left Is All About the Choice Provided Women Choose The Way They’re TOLD to Choose Media Love ‘Reproductive Choice’ Until Women Choose To Stop Taking The Pill

New Racism Same as the Old Racism The New Racism is Poisoning America

This kind of thing is going to provoke a race war. Think the Balkans.

Not With “Didn’t Earn It” In Charge, We Won’t Here’s the million-dollar question nobody is asking about the Baltimore bridge collapse…

The Future Isn’t Atheist – It’s Pagan America’s Stunning Embrace Of Paganism Signals The End Of This Country As We Know It

Unless we stop it. DEUS VULT


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