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Current Events 04-10-2012

  I Will Never Understand How Any American of African Ancestry Can Vote For a Party That Once Enslaved Them, Continued to Discriminate Against Them Once This Became Illegal, and Is Committed to Murdering Their Children With Abortion Race, Republicans, and Democrats   What’s Worse, He Ate All The Youngest Child’s Porridge Man caught sleeping […]

Current Events 04-09-2012

  It Just Doesn’t Add Up The Story Unravels: New Questions about Trayvon Martin’s Final Hour   If this was truly a case of a victim of wrongdoing, then my opinion on this case would be different. However, the more the truth is known, the more it becomes apparent that Trayvon was a thug whose […]

Current Events 04-07-2012

  “…Avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.” 1 Timothy 6:20 ‘Fakegate’: Climate Change Fanatics Wage War on Dissenters   Environmentalism is a religion. Evolutionism is a religion. Like other totalitarian religions of the past, they will not tolerate dissent. You have to appreciate the irony. While simultaneously condemning any […]

Current Events 04-06-2012

  When Did Blacks Give Up, Stop Excelling, and Start Blaming Whitey For All Their Problems? (Probably About the Same Time They Started Voting Democrat) What Happened to Black Pride?   Because, Of Course, 78 Year Old White Guys Were Behind the Whole Thing Man, 78, recounts assault by 6 youths in E. Toledo   […]

Current Events 03-26-2012

  Racism is Automatically Assuming if a White Guy Shoots a Black Guy, It Must Be Racism (It’s Rodney King All Over Again) What if Trayvon Had Been White, and the Shooter Black?   What’s really sickening is how race hustlers like Sharpton, Jackson, and our current Kenyan “President” are exploiting the young man’s death […]

Current Events 03-23-2012

  The Crazy Cold War Starfish and Apollo (1962)   First Stop After the Zombies Take Over When Fighting Pirates, It’s Best to Store Your Guns in Floating Armories   Calling Us Names Doesn’t Change the Facts: a Sitting President May Not Be Constitutionally Qualified, and Used Fraud to Hide It Birthermania!   Free Speech: […]

Current Events 03-20-2012

  MotB Will Happen, Not Because Of Any Supernatural Coercion, But Simply Because of Fear and Convenience (The Demonic Element is Just Extra Gravy) Sweden moving towards cashless economy   We Have the Technology… Woman considers hand removal for bionic replacement    

Current Events 03-13-2012

  1st Rule of Zombieland: Cardio Zombies, Run! Turns Your Exercise Routine into a Game of Survival   Now Let’s Not Forget the National Endowment for the “Arts” Conservatives Introduce Plan to Balance Budget in 5 Years–Eliminate Education, Energy, Housing, Commerce Depts.   It’s the Party of Misogynists (and Racists) The Real War on Women […]

Current Events 03-08-2012

  No Surprise There Faith-based films made more money in 2011 than their left-leaning counterparts, report says   Yet Another Destructive Relic Left Over From WW2 (ahem… Income Tax) Heart Attacks Rise Following Daylight Saving Time   Truth is the Enemy of the Wicked Fluke and Liberals’ Bodyguard of Lies    

Current Events 03-07-2012

  Racism Is Racism No Matter the Quantity of Melanin Was Boy in K.C. Fire Attack a Victim of His School’s Racist Teaching?   It is irrelevant what may have happened to your ancestors. There is no excuse for racism today. Black Liberation Theology is just the black version of the Christian Identity movement (basically […]